I’M USING MY NEW FAVORITE ORCLE DECK, Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell. Artwork by Danielle Noel. Both amazing women.

How did yesterday’s reading impact you? Did it resonate? If you missed it, watch the video here.

For TODAY, focus back in on what you’re feeling right now. What’s moving in you? What questions are stirring within? Take a moment to connect inside with yourself, and then ask yourself which card is PERFECT for you today — Card #1, #2, or #3.

Were you drawn to Card #1?

If so, the card that came up is SHARE YOUR VOICE. “Come out of the cave. Persecution. Expression.”

Is there something you’re afraid of expressing? Deep down, do you know you need to speak up for yourself in a relationship, or set a boundary? Or have you been hiding your light, because coming out of the cave and letting people see you is too scary?

This card brings the message that IT IS SAFE TO BE YOU. Take baby steps if you need to, but come out of your shell. Poke your head out of the shelter, and let yourself explore again. My sense is that you’ve been hibernating, or something within you has been cultivating itself. Maybe it’s a message that you long to share with the world. Maybe it’s something that you need to say — or write. The time is now. The whole universe supports you!

The card description says, “You are being called to share your voice, perhaps by speaking up in a relationship or through writing, speaking, singing, or some other form of creative expression. We each hold a truth deep within us that longs to be expressed. Sculpted for lifetimes, the voice of your soul is like no other. It carries within it wisdom that can only be gained through soul history and growth. By remembering, tapping into, and expressing this unique tone we not only heal ourselves, we also heal the planet at large.

“When you share your voice, you unlock something in the Universe and call a missing piece of you home. Your individual voice is the most powerful sound current on the planet. If you have kept your soul’s voice silenced or held back, chanting or singing could be truly life-changing for you. As we shed the layers of our personality and start letting our unique soul speak through us, we discover that we actually have a very clear message that longs to be shared. The more we speak it, the clearer it gets.

“There has never been a better time in history than right now to rise up, speak your truth, and share your soul’s voice. If you feel fearful, know that you are not alone and that the world needs your unique tone in order to harmonize. As we each rise up and share our song, we make it easier for the next person to do the same.” 

Were you drawn to Card #2?

If so, the card that came up is MINTAKAN. “Longing for home. Belonging. The original Lightworkers.”

Can you relate to this as much as I can? This is for those of us who long for connection, belonging, and understanding. You want to feel seen, heard, known and loved unconditionally by your tribe. You are longing for HOME.

Let “home” be in the way you treat yourself. Let there be home in your heart. When you love and accept yourself unconditionally, you feel at home, no matter where you are. Truly, the entire universe is your home, and you have explored its depths many times. Access the feeling of home when you come home to yourself.

The card description says, “Perhaps you feel this longing to find home without knowing where that is. Perhaps you’ve been moving around a lot and yearn for a place on Earth to call your own. If so, you are being called to connect with Mother Earth and create it for yourself now. To choose where you feel most at home and create it, rather than waiting for the feeling of belonging to come. 

Put your hands over your heart and say: “I allow myself to be truly here and at home on his planet. I release any grief around not belonging or feeling held and call in the perfect home.”

Were you drawn to Card #3?

If so, the card that comes up is PROTECTION. “Call back your power. Cut the cords.”

Do you feel that you’ve given your power away to a situation that feels out of your control? You get to call that power back. This may relate to something traumatic that happened in the past for you, or it may relate to feeling disempowered in a relationship. The wonderful news is that you are very powerful, and you can always call your power back. A meditation that I like to do is called “Golden Suns.”

Close your eyes and imagine a golden sun or ball of golden energy hovering over your head. Imagine that inside that golden sun is a magnet with your name on it, and that magnet is going to call back all your energy from wherever you may have left it in the universe. For example, if some of your energy is in your parents’ space (whether they’re living or not), you can call that energy back into the golden sun above your head. Call back any of your energy from your ex lovers’ space, call back any of your energy from arguments, workplaces (past or present), and imagine that golden sun getting bigger as it fills up with your energy.

When the golden sun looks so big and full that it’s about to burst, imagine reaching up, pulling it down, and cracking it over your head like a big egg. Absorb that warm, honey, golden energy that belongs only to you. Allow it to fill in your chakras, aura, and all your cells.

The card description says, “You are being called to protect your energy and call back your power. May all the lost pieces return home now. Take a look at who and what drains your energy. 

“Energetic cords are formed between people, places, objects and events, so it’s important to keep checking in. Your energy and energetic space are sacred, so treat them as such. 

“Keeping your energy clear takes work. As we go through life, we can give away our power, so it is important that we call it back by cutting energetic cords. Can you think of a traumatic event, relationship or memory that you are being called to call back your power from? Check into your body now and see which chakra feels like it needs a bit of an energetic clean-up.”

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