Freedom“The bird pictured on this card is looking out from what seems to be a cage. There is no door, and actually the bars are disappearing. The bars were an illusion, and this small bird is being summoned by the grace and freedom and encouragement of the others. It is spreading its wings, ready to take flight for the very first time. The dawn of a new understanding — that the cage has always been open, and the sky has always been there for us to explore. Feel the fluttering within. Spread your wings and be free.” ~ Osho Zen Tarot

Years ago, when I was studying the “Toltec spiritual path of personal freedom” in California, my teacher showed me that every fear I had was really a fear of death.

Our first real conversation went something like this: he called me to sit with him in front of the group, and he simply looked at me. I noticed I couldn’t meet his gaze for more than a few awkward moments. “What are you afraid of?” he finally asked. I answered that I was afraid he could see my flaws when he looked at me. He asked, “What are you afraid of, if I can see your flaws?”

“That you’ll see the truth about me.”
“What are you afraid of, if I see the truth about you?”
“You won’t like me. You’ll see that I’m a bad person.”
“And what are you afraid of, if I don’t like you and you’re a bad person?”
“Well… if you don’t like me, then maybe no one will like me. And if I’m a bad person, then I don’t deserve to be loved.”
“And what are you afraid of, if you don’t deserve to be loved and no one loves you?”
“I’ll be abandoned, alone for the rest of my life.”
“And what are you afraid of, if you’re abandoned and alone forever?” The answer was instantaneous: “I’ll die.”

A simple shyness about someone looking at me, when questioned deeply, translated into a fear of death.

Think about any fear or worry you have, from the biggest to the most trivial. If you really take the time to ask yourself what you’re afraid of, and keep inquiring deeper, you’ll discover, without fail, that the fear of death underlies everything. I thought this was pretty profound, and for years I used this knowledge to calm my everyday fears by reminding myself that I wasn’t in a life or death situation.

But the most wonderful truth I’ve discovered as a professional psychic and healer, is that death is an illusion. There IS no death. When we leave our physical body, our consciousness will continue on its journey.

I know this because I believe in the messages I receive during my readings and meditations, from spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who have left their bodies and continued on. These messages come from the eternal world of Spirit, which is a world that is open not just to a privileged few, but to all of us. The world of Spirit is where we live — in fact, we ARE Spirit having a human experience.

It can be difficult to believe in a world that can’t be seen with your physical eyes. But with the inner eye — your intuition and clairvoyance — you can see everything. It’s a world that’s richer, more vibrant and alive than the world we perceive through our dense physical senses. I love helping others to see and hear their messages from Spirit, and in addition to readings, I offer one-on-one psychic development training.

When you know there’s no death, there’s no reason to be afraid ever again, and when you’re not afraid, you’re free in every sense of the word. You become like the bird realizing that there’s no cage — the cage was just an illusion keeping you small.

“And Death is not real, even in the Relative sense — it is but birth to a new life — and You shall go on, and on, and on, to higher and still higher planes of life, for aeons upon aeons of time. The Universe is your home, and you shall explore its farthest recesses before the end of Time. You are dwelling in the Infinite Mind of THE ALL, and your possibilities and opportunities are infinite, both in time and space. Rest calm and serene — you are safe and protected by the Infinite Power of the FATHER-MOTHER MIND.” ~ The Kybalion

Wishing you a joy-filled, worry-free day.