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If you love getting readings with me and you want consistent guidance in your life, you’re invited to become a VIP client. Get discounts on readings all year long, and a free reading for your birthday! If you haven’t yet experienced a reading with me, I encourage you to try one before you purchase one of the VIP memberships below.


Membership Enrollment Open until January 31, 2018

The deadline to purchase a package for 2018 is January 31st! If you want a VIP membership, get it now. Enrollment is limited to 20 clients.


I needed a life line. Having just experienced an extraordinarily tragic and traumatic event, my own connection to my heart and spirit was clouded with overwhelming grief. Jessica held a beautiful space for me to embrace my heartache and gently rise above the anguish. Her readings brought the light back into my life. Jessica was able to help me see and hear in a new way. A way that not only re-established my relationship with my own spirit guides but enhanced so I could feel them more deeply than ever before. Jessica, I am blessed to have your guidance and support.

Val Waymark

Owner, Waymark Coaching Solutions

You are so amazing and do such incredible and beautiful work! You have such a thoughtful, fun, and kind way in which you express your gifts and share what you are learning from communicating with Spirit, the Angels and our Guides. It is such a privilege to have this opportunity to work with you! I feel so very blessed!

Yvonne Reich

Jessica’s readings have been an important part of my personal process with several intense life events. I believe she is an amazingly gifted intuitive who also possesses the gift of clear communication from the heart. Jessica has helped me clarify and articulate things that were outside of my own insight and knowledge base. But more importantly, her readings ground me in a reality where I know that we are so much more than we know and that we are loved and supported always. Thank you, Jessica, for being such a caring and loving support to me.

Randi DeSalvo

Jessica appeared in my life when I was at a major crossroad. She was of incredible help in encouraging me to embrace my purpose and follow my dreams, providing loving reassurance and support throughout the transition. Her readings are always so inspiring and refreshing, and bring you the clarity you are looking for. I feel so blessed to be able to receive clear and loving messages from my Spirit Guides through Jessica; her energy is so calming and uplifting at the same time. Jessica is such a gift and just so amazing and genuinely caring, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and direction on their journey in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you so much for your readings and support, Jessica; you are a true blessing.

Neeta Hatley

Career & Lifestyle Coach, Lifestyle Masterpiece

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Fine Print: Membership fees are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to claim your free readings and use the benefits associated with membership within the 2018 calendar year. Unclaimed readings do not carry over into 2019.