My new book is almost here! You will definitely want a copy for yourself and a friend. My psychic cat assures me that this is true.

(Photo credit: Wendy Warren Varga)

Here’s an excerpt from the book:


My name in this lifetime is Little Girlie. My surname, McFluff, was given to me by my servant-guardian, Jessica, and I had no objections to accepting it.

I’m a psychic cat. I make predictions about the changing of the seasons, have access to my past lives, and communicate telepathically with those who can hear me. I came to live with Jessica by sending a signal, in the form of a telepathic impulse, to the woman working at the Humane Society where I was adopted. She obeyed my mental nudging when Jessica arrived desiring “an affectionate cat.” In other words, she wanted to be able to pick me up and hold me like a baby. I hate being picked up, but pretended to enjoy it during her visit. I agreed to go home with her because I felt intuitively that she was also psychic — so there was a good chance she’d be capable of hearing my telepathic messages.

psychic cat

The first time we spoke, she was quite surprised to learn that this is my 313th life as a cat, and before this, I lived over 500 lifetimes as a human being. That is why I understand human nature so well, and why I’m qualified to expound upon happiness as it relates to humans. As befitting a proper servant-guardian, Jessica vowed to write down my stories and bring my wisdom into the world.

I have remembered much from various incarnations — cat and human. You might wonder why I made the epic transition from human to animal, and 

more particularly, cat. To me, the answer is obvious, but you probably haven’t experienced the superior consciousness that comes with being a feline — so I’ll break down my experience for you.

Animal friends who revere me as “The Great Wild One” are always asking if it’s really true that I used to be human — as so few of them would ever consider incarnating as one. Indeed, it is true, and I was remembering some of these lifetimes during my nap. In one of them I was a warrior who killed many. In another I was a young girl who died of starvation. In another, a mother with nine children.

I desired a break from humanity after a while, and the next time around decided to be a bird. After that, I chose walrus, hippo, and wildebeest. I was zebra and monkey. And finally, I decided to experience the consciousness of cat. I have found that nothing trumps cat, and truly, I cannot imagine coming to Earth as anything else.

Some of my cat lives were difficult. I caught mice in a barn back in the 1700’s and was homeless in the streets of London in the 1830’s. But overall, it’s been a blissful existence.

In this form, I am allowed to act out my nature. Nobody scolds me for doing what comes naturally. My impulse to kill is celebrated instead of shamed. I can be demanding about getting my needs met without anyone telling me I’m selfish. My long naps are regarded as appropriate cat behavior rather than laziness, and my routine never gets old. With a cat’s awareness, life is never boring. I live and breathe, I chase and kill, I luxuriate in my meals, and I love others the way only a cat can love: unconditionally, eagerly, and innocently. Never am I jaded or jealous.

But do not despair, my human friend! Your mind is so creative that you can easily imagine what it’s like to be a cat:

  • Pretend that you have permission to be yourself, totally.
  • Pretend that none of your urges are wrong.
  • Pretend that none of your desires are wrong, and none of your feelings are wrong. They are just right for you. They are perfect!

The more you pretend, the more real it will seem, until you realize that it is real and you are free of human guilt and shame. On a sad day, perhaps long ago, somebody criticized you for being flawed, and you believed that criticism. It’s time to wake up from that dream, and dream your freedom with me. Tune into my vibration, my wild cat energy. Tune into my joy and the bliss of my life. They are here for you, and you’ll recognize them because they are within you.

In this book, I share 12 lessons intended to inspire happiness in humans — something I struggled very hard to achieve myself as a human being. When I became a cat, I discovered that napping goes a long way, and it is often overlooked as a powerful spiritual tool. What follows are stories, lessons, and advice so deep you may have to nap after reading them.

~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One


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