Jessica… my reading with you was nothing short of amazing! I was so confused and unsure if I was on the right path – I felt like I was constantly spinning my wheels. You immediately zoned in on what was going on with me and offered very helpful feedback from my guides. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Interestingly, in less than 24 hours after the reading something happened that was completely unexpected and in line with what we discussed. I don’t believe it was a coincidence and I have taken it as a sign of better things to come. Thank you Jessica!

Michelle Bybel

I’ve had 4 readings with Jessica and she’s absolutely amazing. She has such a calming aura about her and is easy to talk to. She has offered her guidance & suggested various ways on how to approach things. I have always felt so much better after speaking with her. Jessica has been dead on with things about me/situations in my life. I am so lucky to have found her. Definitely give her a try! You will not be dissapointed! Thank you Jessica!

Jerrica Vergara

I want to thank you for not telling me “what I wanted to hear,” but pitching your reflection in a very loving and supportive manner, while maintaining the integrity of your reading. It answered the questions I had as well as opened up new lines of inquiry.

Bobbie Schmaus

Oh Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for our session. It was everything I needed to feel peaceful, clear, and strong again. Thank you for your time and insights. In gratitude from my family…

Judy C.

Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for the inspired reading. It created the space for me to see more possibilities. For a few days afterwards a number of changes fell into place.

Dorothy O'Neill

Jessica, the Skype Tarot reading you just did for me was the best psychic reading of any type I have ever had. I feel infinitely more confident now about my life direction, and what my next steps are. I’ve never before had a reading that was so concrete and full of easy to follow suggestions. Plus you were so kind and supportive. Thank you!!!

Christel Rene

The sessions I had with Jessica were immensely insightful. Not only is she amazing at all her predictions towards my situations but her loving presence really made me feel extremely safe and warm. Being a highly sensitive person myself, it’s not easy to manage my own energy sometimes. As an aspiring mentor, Jessica has taught me to embrace my own intution so I can serve more beloved clients on my path. I trust her guidance a lot and she’s definitely someone I highly recommend!

Jen Yang

Owner, Metamorphosis Coaching

Jessica has always been right on with every reading I’ve ever had with her. Her inner light shines so bright that I’ve always had no choice but to smile during readings with her. She’s always welcomed me as a friend. I don’t feel like a client with Jessica, I feel like family.

Joseph L.

You are so amazing and do such incredible and beautiful work! You have such a thoughtful, fun, and kind way in which you express your gifts and share what you are learning from communicating with Spirit, the Angels and our Guides. It is such a privilege to have this opportunity to work with you! I feel so very blessed!

Yvonne Reich

There isn’t enough space to truly describe how amazing Jessica is. She is beyond caring and has always taken her time to truly give me the most amazing and accurate readings, and I will never trust anyone but her when it comes to certain things in my life. She always goes above and beyond in my readings and has always gotten back to me way before she says she will. I can’t thank her enough for her expertise! I wish I could talk to her every day lol! 

Angelica Purcell

Jessica appeared in my life when I was at a major crossroad. She was of incredible help in encouraging me to embrace my purpose and follow my dreams, providing loving reassurance and support throughout the transition. Her readings are always so inspiring and refreshing, and bring you the clarity you are looking for. I feel so blessed to be able to receive clear and loving messages from my Spirit Guides through Jessica; her energy is so calming and uplifting at the same time. Jessica is such a gift and just so amazing and genuinely caring, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and direction on their journey in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you so much for your readings and support, Jessica; you are a true blessing.

Neeta Hatley

Career & Lifestyle Coach

Jessica is a very gifted, compassionate psychic who brought me to tears. She knew things that were impossible for her to know, was gentle and kind in her delivery while not sugar-coating the truth. I felt relief just speaking with her. She is love, full of grace and generosity of spirit. I cannot say enough.

Susan Bookheimer

The phrase that keeps coming up since my reading with Jessica is “the observations of the impartial observer.” It has been two weeks and I now see that I give up my energy looking for what is coming next instead of enjoying where I am now. Thank you, Jessica. The time spent was a blessing.

Leon Martin

Dear Jessica, you add so much color and beauty to the world… and most of all love. Thank you for working with me. You’ve really helped me to listen to my inner voice… and to believe in my worth and to love myself.

Carolyn B.

It was clear from the start that Jessica is readily tapping the ancient wisdom of the Tarot as a tool for clarity and healing. Her easy rapport with me as well as the rich window she provided into matters of my life and heritage not only brought insight but also energetic tools and practices for clearing what binds me. A deeply worthwhile reading.

Sarah McCroskey

Founder, HumanSpirit Radio Network

There is not enough space to write down how lucky I am to have found Jessica. She is truly gifted, she is not only able to see what is happening, but she gently guides you to a way of looking at what is going on that is empowering. I have spoken with her many times over the past year and she has guided me and helped me to go through a difficult situation in the best way possible. She is spot on with her insight. I highly recommend her!! Thank you Jessica, you are AMAZING!

Kim Mazzella

Dear Jessica… Wow! At first I was unsure how an email reading would go; I prefer seeing someone face-to-face, but I have to say I’m stunned. Your reading went straight to the heart of the matter, and the validations I sought in moving forward with my life were clear, concise, and very much needed. There were things you couldn’t have known that proved to me your intuition is strong and accurate. You are definitely on my list of go-to support the next time I’m feeling a little lost. Thank you SO much!

Maria Rothenburger

Jessica’s reading for me was spot on. I loved that she “tuned in” before the reading to be in alignment with me before I even called. She was very clear about my areas of concern and I came away with feelings of confidence and delight. Thank you Jessica!

Peggy Raess

Jessica’s readings have been an important part of my personal process with several intense life events. I believe she is an amazingly gifted intuitive who also possesses the gift of clear communication from the heart. Jessica has helped me clarify and articulate things that were outside of my own insight and knowledge base. But more importantly, her readings ground me in a reality where I know that we are so much more than we know and that we are loved and supported always. Thank you, Jessica, for being such a caring and loving support to me.

Randi DeSalvo

Sometimes I need perspective. Sometimes I need calm in between my storms. Every time I’ve called Jessica for insight and help, I get off the phone feeling 10 lbs. lighter. Her calmness and sweetness pours over me. She “gets” whatever I’m going through. She helps me see the forest because I was stuck looking at the tree. It’s so special when someone really understands you and can pass on spiritual messages from a higher place.

Cara H.

We are all innately wise and yet there are times when I need additional clarity and support for the next step on my journey. That is what Jessica is so aptly able to provide. The gift of her guidance was like a welcomed support network that cradled me to the next unfolding with a knowingness that I’m on the right path.

Suzy D.

Dear Jessica, I attribute the growth and success of my new business to you despite having several business consultants on my team. Time and time again, I find myself returning to you when a significant decision needs to be made for my business. The information you provide is always on target. Always! When we first worked together, I didn’t go with all of your suggestions only to regret it months later. Your track record is unbelievable. I also appreciate the efficiency of working with you because during our conversations, clarity around issues and decisions come to light in a matter of minutes. Your intuitive sense and clarity have helped me grow my business in record time and at a very reasonable fee. You are truly an indispensable member of my advisory team. In Gratitude,

Judy, MBA

I needed a life line. Having just experienced an extraordinarily tragic and traumatic event, my own connection to my heart and spirit was clouded with overwhelming grief. Jessica held a beautiful space for me to embrace my heartache and gently rise above the anguish. Her readings brought the light back into my life. Jessica was able to help me see and hear in a new way. A way that not only re-established my relationship with my own spirit guides but enhanced so I could feel them more deeply than ever before. Jessica, I am blessed to have your guidance and support.

Valerie Waymark

Owner, Waymark Coaching Solutions

Jessica, I do not have any questions about my email reading. You answered everything, and you validated everything I needed to read. I’m not sure if you could see the fact that I loved dolphins or if my spirit guides could, but that very much resonated with me. All of what you said hit home straight to the heart. You’ve assured me that no matter what, things are going to be ok. Thank you so much for this feeling of peace that I now have. Even just reading your words, I can sense how caring and down-to-earth you are. This is wonderful! So much that I teared up. Thank you for your beautiful gift!

Jay Coleman

I can’t thank you enough! Your reading was just what I needed to hear. Again you have brought so much peace to my life in such a rough period. Thank you — you are wonderful! 

Lesley L.

Hi Jessica… thank you for the reading. It gave me the insight and clarity that I needed and wanted for a long time now. Everything you said made sense, and I feel that I will be able to have closure and move forward on my path. I really appreciate that you offered the guidance in such a supportive and encouraging way.


Dear Jessica, your reading simply wowed me!! It instilled a lot of confidence in me and fully matched what I was really feeling. Many many thanks!! And God bless You!

Ishan S.

Hi Jessica. Just wanted to let you know how buoyant I felt after our reading. I really love your intuitive connection and uplifting perspective on whatever seems to come up. It really validated and clarified my current experience and helped me to hold a positive perspective on some deep content. Thank you!

Samantha M.

Jessica is amazing. She really helped me start my healing process from losing such a dear friend. I really feel better and know that he is at peace.

Robin Taylor

Jessica is warm, compassionate, loving, and always right on point with her readings. She always makes me feel welcome and comfortable during readings, and truly connects personally with me. I’ve always felt a friend to friend relationship during sessions rather than reader to client. Look no further, you will find none better!

Sharon L.

I found your reading incredibly insightful, reassuring, and accurate. You said a lot of things I have thought myself but didn’t want to assume I knew. I think you are very talented and obviously tapped into a higher power. Thank you again for this gift!

Emily Worth

I would just like to say I loved my reading with Jessica, she is a great spiritual guide and very insightful. She was enthusiastic, considerate, energetic and informative. I wish I met her earlier, however, everything happens when it should. I have had other readings before but I felt she was looking out for my best interest and we all want that for anyone who is guiding us on our journey. Thanks Jessica and I will be talking to you again.

Dionne H.

Dear Jessica… I was nervous about getting a phone reading at first, but you put me at ease right away, and the information that came out of our time together was nothing short of miraculous. I now see why my relationships have all been similar, and why I keep repeating certain patterns. You helped me feel excited about future possibilities. It’s been so long since I’ve felt hopeful, I feel like you gave me my faith back.

Caroline Kelly

Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for spending time connecting with me yesterday.  What an awesome experience it was for me!  You were spot-on with your descriptions of my family members.  I have felt a sense of comfort and some relief knowing that my loved ones are with me and will help me along with my challenges.

Adrienne P.

Dear Jessica, I finally got a real night’s sleep after my reading with you. You didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear….I get it and appreciate it.  I am glad to know that my Guides see bigger things for me. I woke this morning hopeful for the possibilities that lay ahead!  You are a blessing.


Jessica was absolutely amazing. I did not have to say a word to her about anything and she knew just how I was feeling. I was in tears the whole time, happy tears, so ecstatic that someone finally knew and understood how I was feeling about life. Not only that but she guided me in the right direction. I consider her my inspiration to a future spiritual path which is what I’ve always wanted but never felt confident enough to pursue it. She changed my life and gave me positive assurance of my life!

Cambri Oxenham

How can I adequately describe the immense healing, loving attention and care that you receive with Jessica. The healing I received could not have any worldly value on it. The transformation, guidance and assurance was the life raft that I needed beyond words. And accuracy? Oh my God! It was like she was me, that’s how accurate she was but with the added wisdom needed for clear guidance and clear direction and clear healing.

Jungyon Son

I’m in a new place. A better place. A more confident, self-assured place. All thanks to you. I just wanna keep it going. I never knew this type of “self” existed… it just feels good. I’m so focused. Mind is becoming clearer. More hopeful, less pessimistic, more in touch with reality and further and further from the judgments of others. Thank you so much, Jessica!

Phil D.

So just a quick note to say you are awesome and have helped in a big way, and it’s been uncanny how in sync and impactful your words have been for me.


Jessica is amazing!!! I had never spoken with a psychic before but I had been having some very intense feelings that someone was trying to reach out to me… Jessica helped me to understand what was going on and had some remarkable information about the person/spirit who was reaching out. Jessica was a great listener as well, and I’m looking forward to speaking with her again!

Kristina Marie

I just had a reading from Jessica and was very, very satisfied. She answered all of my questions in a down-to-earth manner. She was very easy to talk to and her predictions and thoughts were eerily right on. I recommend her highly.

Peter Georges

Dear Jessica… I just wanted to take a moment to express my intense gratitude for you. Your readings have been incredible and right on point. Thank you so much for all your help! I’m looking forward to my next reading. 🙂

Michelle Jansen

Jessica is an angel. Her accuracy is uncanny and she is able to make you feel at ease about whatever situation you’re in. She is a beautiful soul and so talented at what she does. I trust Jessica 100% — she has always been so accurate with me. So glad I found her!

Fatima Jay