Hello, Beautiful One!

Something amazing happened today. I found a little patch of woods near a thundering highway, put my forehead against this tree, and within 60 seconds, the roar of traffic faded from my awareness, and my chaotic energy was replaced with peace and calm.

Nature has the power to absorb and transmute any energy stuck in your body that you don’t want. I was acutely aware of the change in my vibration after just one or two minutes. I live in a very populated, urban area, but this small “wilderness” — which consisted of a couple of trees, some shrubs, and a single bird hopping through the dead leaves — was enough for me to feel connected and balanced again.

Nature can be a portal into silence, stillness, and peace. It can stop the flow of thoughts for a blessed few seconds or perhaps longer. It may sound cliché — “taking time in nature,” but the experience gave me so much unexpected happiness, I wanted to invite you to take a “nature break.” Even if you have to commune with an office plant, do it! Feel its energy, talk to it, invite its particular sweetness into your field. And then feel free to report back, and let me know what you felt. I am certain you will feel more grounded, awake, and less scattered.

With Love,