Psychic Cat in a Snowstorm

jessica mckay psychic cat

Hello my Wild Friend…

I’m hunkering down for the big storm that has descended upon the east coast of the United States. Down I hunker, down I lie. You find me today by the Sacred Heat Vent, and I have a message of great significance to share with you:

I was looking out of the window yesterday when something unexpected happened. A vast family of grackles swooped into my yard. There were hundreds of them! They were all talking at once, and I was able to decipher their language, having been a bird in one of my past lives.

They were talking about the snowstorm. They called it a “sacred opportunity” to become one with the wind and the snow, to experience other aspects of creation. They are shapeshifters, you see, and one was looking forward to taking the shape of a pine cone, just to confuse his friend.

Birds aren’t the only creatures that can do this, but they are the few who remember. The environment of planet earth provides a sacred opportunity for all beings to know themselves in their habitats — to become one with the sun, wind, and rain. Indeed, you can merge with your environment and feel your unlimited magnitude.

Imagine what it’s like to be the wind. Truly, you are One with everything, so some part of you IS the wind. You are the sun and the moon. You are me and I am you.

No matter where you find yourself — napping in the sun or hunkering down in the middle of a blizzard — connect with your environment. And then connect with me and my wild cat energy, and you’ll soon feel yourself drifting to sleep in front of the heat vent. Don’t you see? That is YOU shapeshifting to become a psychic cat. Of course, you won’t be able to grasp the immensity of my Cat Wisdom, so you’ll probably lose the experience fairly quickly, but I look forward to feeling your muddled human consciousness with me nonetheless.

With Love and Purrs,

~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One

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Happy Holidays from the Heat Vent

Hello my friend…

Greetings from the Heat Vent, where I spend most of my time during the winter months. God created me to lie in this very spot, and I would not dream of letting Her down by telling myself I should be more productive, or do something else. (Humans do that a lot. Ridiculous.)

I’ve noticed that the humans get very stressed during this time of year, and I wanted to offer some support. Just stare at my likeness for awhile, and feel your blood pressure begin to drop.

psychic cat

Ahhh. Perhaps you can take a nap somewhere.

No matter what you are doing this holiday, and no matter how or what you celebrate, I want you to celebrate your life.

Celebrate that you are here, and we are here together.

I am sending you the Unconditional Love that only a Cat can send. Cats are superior beings, you know.

~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One

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Little Girlie Predicts the Rest of Your Summer


Little Girlie McFluff

Hello my friend…

I don’t make predictions. I just tell the truth. In fact, I already know who’s won the 2016 presidential election because I time travel in my sleep. But I won’t irritate you with politics (my servant Jessica tells me it’s a touchy subject). Here’s my August forecast and Cat Wisdom all rolled into one:

The squirrels are going to continue making a big racket in the trees at night, and I am going to listen to them in the heat of the upstairs — sacred terrain where air conditioning does not flow.

And you, my dear human friend — you are going to continue your evolution, although you may feel that nothing is changing in your experience. You may feel stuck with the same old thoughts, attitudes, and situations — but I see how you are shifting and growing. You are in constant motion, sending out frequencies of all kinds. I know this because I can hear them, and astoundingly, they are louder than the feisty squirrels!

You have a vibration that is completely unique. Your “bell” may have a crack or a dent in it forged by past difficulties, but that’s what lets you make a sound like no other. I could listen to your particular ring all day long and not get tired — that is, until it’s time for my 16-hour nap.

Own your sound, even if it comes out strained or garbled. Don’t strive for perfection. This is your special ring, and the whole universe rejoices because you are here. And I am happy that we are alive together, intertwining our harmonies on a summer day. Enjoy it, my beloved human friend.

With Love,

Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One

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Little Girlie talks about Lessons Learned in Past Lives


Psychic Cat LoveHello my friend…

When things are especially tough and you’re experiencing challenges, do you ever feel like you’re being punished for something?

When I lived as a human, I felt this way all the time. (By now you know that I’ve experienced many lifetimes as a human before embracing the Consciousness of Cat.)

In one of these lifetimes, I was a merchant in Pompeii when a nearby volcano erupted. Only I had no idea it was a volcano, it just seemed a strange storm that got worse as the hours went by. I spent my last night in that form praying for God’s forgiveness — for what, I didn’t know. But I knew that if God loved me, this wouldn’t be happening. The men and women around me assumed our city was being punished for greed, or sin. We made up all kinds of reasons why such a powerful storm of stones and ash were raining down on our homes and collapsing our roofs.

And suddenly, around 4 AM, an amazing thing happened. I died, and realized how loved I was. My spirit guides and angels told me none of us were being punished. In fact, they told me the only One capable of punishing me was myself.

This was also the case in the lifetime in which I was gored by a wild pig. My last thought upon surrendering into unconsciousness was, “If only I wasn’t such a selfish person. If I wasn’t so selfish, this wouldn’t be happening to me.”

And again, I woke up to find that I’d died, and my guardian angels showed me that my death had nothing to do with me being selfish. Indeed, they laughed, and said I had been quite oafish, stumbling onto the boar without knowing she was there. That, they said, was the reason I died that day.

My beloved human friend, you may be clumsy in your human form, but you are so precious and so dear. Spirit would never, ever punish you for any reason. You are so loved, so adored, and so needed here. If you’ve been experiencing relationship challenges, or health challenges, or any kind of human difficulty, please know that it’s not a punishment for something you’ve done wrong.

Sometimes it’s an act of weather, and sometimes it’s being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But your soul is not fazed or frightened. Your soul embraces all of these experiences, and really, you never leave or let go of your physical form before you’re ready.

The week before that night in Pompeii, I had been thinking about all the things I wanted to experience and would never get a chance to do before I died. I was elderly, and regretting not pursuing a different path. Little did I know, those yearnings were arising in me because my soul was getting ready to depart from that form and move on to something else.

In the lifetime I surprised the wild pig, I was in an unhappy marriage — and in that century, divorce was not an option. And so I wandered out into the woods wishing for death… subconsciously, that is.

Never was I punished. I was just loved.

When things are tough, and there’s no food in your bowl, rest assured that it isn’t your fault, and nobody “up there” is judging you and doling out punishment. You are loved and precious as can be.

Little Girlie psychic cat

With Love,

Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One

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Little Girlie offers you a surprising way to heal what ails you


This may shock you, but even I worry sometimes. I run when the screaming vacuum cleaner makes an appearance, and hide under the bed when I suspect that I’m about to be manhandled, or shoved into a carrying case and taken to a vile institution for sick animals that I won’t talk about here. Sometimes my worry manifests as intense grooming. I obsess over my coat, and give myself bald spots.

Miraculously, the thing that heals my fear each and every time is my Power of Forgetting. I grow weary of hiding and worrying, and fall asleep. And when I wake up, the threat is gone and the world is new.

I can hear you already. “But Little Girlie, that’s stupid. I can’t just go to sleep and forget about my problems.”

It’s true, you can’t, and I feel sorry for you. But here’s something you can do. Just like me, you can experience the joy of letting go and waking up to a brand new world.

If you were able to solve your problem with your complex human mind, you would have done so already. So rather than fighting, striving, and worrying, you can let go of trying to control the outcome. You can surrender to the reality that right now, a solution eludes you. The relief that comes flooding into your body when you make the decision to let go is truly one of life’s biggest pleasures. So let go, give in, and let it be okay.

The next thing you can do is trust that you are always going to be alright. You will always be taken care of and supported, no matter what.

But I can hear you again. “Who’s going to pay my rent, Little Girlie? I can’t just let go of trying to make a living! What if I starve to death? What if I die?”

Indeed, my human friend. While most unlikely, it could happen. You may already know this about me, but in case you don’t, I lived many lives as a human before I decided to experience the Consciousness of Cat. Some of my human lifetimes ended violently. I was terrified each time. I died in a fire once, and in another life I drowned. In another, I was gored by a wild pig. Everything went dark for a moment, and, strangely, my terror was replaced by the bliss of letting go into unconsciousness. And when I awoke, I awoke in the arms of angels.

All threats to my existence were gone and I was Me again — making a new choice and taking another path. It felt so good to let go of the pressure to control things, especially my life and death, that I finally decided to be an animal so I could move forward from moment to moment in the most natural way possible. That was the day I became an enlightened master and came here as Cat.

But, please… don’t worship me. I am merely a signpost pointing to your Divine magnificence! Even in your stiff, sometimes clumsy human form, you can let go. You can release your problems to God, and have a healing nap. In fact, why don’t you join me?




With Love,

Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle and Great Wild One

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Important Wisdom from a Psychic Cat

LG incredible wisdom

Hello Beloved Friend!

It’s me, Little Girlie McFluff. I received a revelation during yesterday’s epic 16-hour nap. I was so eager to share it with you that I exhibited very demanding behavior until someone noticed I had something to say.

It’s time that you learned the truth about me — why I understand human nature so well, and why my fellow animal friends revere me as the “Great Wild One.” You see, I have lived over 500 lifetimes as a human being. Indeed, it is true, and I was remembering some of these lifetimes during my nap. In one of them I was a warrior who went to battle and killed many. In another I was a young girl who died of starvation. In another, a mother with nine children.

I desired a break from humanity after awhile, and decided to be a bird. I was walrus, hippo, and wildebeest. I was zebra and monkey. And finally, I decided to experience the consciousness of Cat. Nothing trumps cat, and I have since lived over 300 lifetimes as a cat. Truly, I cannot imagine coming to earth as anything else.

Some of my cat lives were difficult. I caught mice in a barn back in the 1700’s. But overall, it’s been bliss. In this form, I am allowed to act out my nature. Nobody scolds me for doing what comes naturally. My impulse to kill is celebrated instead of shamed. I can be demanding about getting my needs met without anyone telling me I’m selfish. My long naps are regarded as appropriate cat behavior rather than laziness, and my routine never gets old. With a cat’s awareness, life is never boring.

I live and breathe, I chase and kill, I luxuriate in my meals, and I love others the way only a cat can love: unconditionally, eagerly, and innocently. Never am I jaded or judgmental.

But do not despair, my human friend! Your mind is so creative that you can easily imagine what it’s like to be a cat. Pretend that you have permission to be yourself, totally. Pretend that none of your urges are wrong. Pretend that none of your desires are wrong, and none of your feelings are wrong. They are just right for you. They are perfect! The more you pretend, the more real it will seem, until you realize that it is real. You are free.

On a sad day, perhaps long ago, you were told that you were wrong for being you. You were told that you were selfish, or lazy, or too sensitive, or not sensitive enough. Somebody, somewhere, criticized you for being you, and you believed them. It’s time to wake up from that dream, and dream the dream of your freedom with me.

Tune into my vibration, my wild cat energy. Tune into my joy, and the bliss of my life. They are here for you, and you recognize them because they are within you!

I have one more thing to say, which is that I love you.

~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle, and Great Wild One

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A Special Message from Little Girlie, Psychic Cat Oracle

Little Girlie Psychic Cat Oracle


Everybody loves me. Even though I have a bald spot on my coat now. Even though I’m very needy and demanding. Even though I hog the best spot on the couch.

But I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Little Girlie, you’re just an animal. People let you do what you want because you’re not human. You have an out, an excuse not to be perfect. Nobody can train you not to hog the couch. You can’t be domesticated!’

Here’s what I say to that: You’re an animal too. Yes, you’re wild! And yes, while you might be trainable like my subservient dog friends, you can hearken back to the wildness underneath the civilized habits you were taught. You can take back your right to say no, to consciously accept yourself the way you are, and tell the people domesticating you that you’re too wild to heed their tiresome words. That’s what I do. I walk out of the room. I turn my back. I dive-bomb the piano bench, knocking it over and scaring anyone in the vicinity.

I’m a slave to my wildness, and since that is so, why fight it? Why should you fight so hard to be different than you are? To be enough. Don’t you see, dear friend, that we are all enough? We have all been created by the same Wild Heart. ~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle

Get a Reading from Little Girlie, Psychic Cat Oracle

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Pick a Card

Cat Oracle 1Did you pick #1? 

Card #1 ~ Focus ~ It is time to focus your energy on your dreams. 

“Sometimes I get overwhelmed. There’s simply too much happening. Lawn mowers are screaming, birds are chirping, squirrels are rushing the bird feeder. It’s times like these when I force myself to choose ONE thing to focus on. I block out all distractions, and apply laser-like focus to my task of grooming myself, sleeping, or hunting my favorite mouse. You have that same ability to focus. Just take one thing, one project, one action step, and do it. You can take baby steps if you need to. You can take mealtime breaks, and play breaks, and you can take all the time you need. You have my love and support.” ~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle


Cat Oracle 2Did you pick #2?

Card #2 ~ Playfulness ~ It’s so important to play!

“Cats are not stodgy. We understand the need to have fun. Have you been having enough fun in your life? One of the big reasons for you to be here, is to have fun being yourself. What have you been missing? Ask the small child within. What would she or he like to do? It can be something small, like reading a novel, going for a walk, or getting an ice cream cone. Doing one fun thing will lead to more fun things, until your life becomes a series of wonderful treats! It’s not selfish or unimportant to enjoy yourself. Do one thing to enjoy your life today. While you’re having fun, I’ll be here, chasing the mouse and licking my catnip carrot! I love you.” ~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle


Cat Oracle 3Did you pick #3?

Card #3 ~ You are Worthy of Love

“Can you not see how magnificent I am? Witness me! Watch me live! You, too, are magnificent. It is not conceited, or selfish to admit it. How amazing that you’re here! You are a perfect creation of the Divine, and nothing you have ever done is “wrong,” or “a mistake.” You are not a mistake. Your fears and perceived limitations are not mistakes. You are so precious and lovable, it’s hard to look at you without purring madly. You are a perfectly placed work of art. Please do something to love and nurture yourself today. It can be giving yourself a gift, time alone, or maybe it’s saying no to someone or something. Maybe it’s saying YES to something. Maybe it’s looking in the mirror and seeing your beauty. As you’re loving yourself, I’ll be right here, demanding my meals and expressing myself fully. That’s what I do to love me. And I love you.” ~ Little Girlie McFluff, Psychic Cat Oracle 


Cat Wisdom for 2016



I see things that no one else sees. You may not see what I see, but it doesn’t make my universe less of a reality.

Right now, you are watching your life unfold in a way that no one else can see. You are the author of your life, and yet, sometimes you feel out of control.

Even I have these moments. Here’s one of them:



The Great Lampshade Incident of 2015

I was having a VERY bad day.

And today, my guardian-slash-servant Jessica has been talking about “resolutions,” because some sort of shift happened on the human calendar that has people thinking we’ve started over.

I love this concept, because that’s what I do every day! Every day I begin anew. I awaken at the sound of the first bird, and as I race to the window to see which squirrels and birds are awake, it’s truly a day like no other. Gone is yesterday, and the future doesn’t exist. I’ve forgotten about the lampshade incident (above), and the mouse that escaped in the dim dark of the basement.

Now I have an empty belly and I’m clamoring for breakfast!

Now I’m clamoring for Second Breakfast, Eleven-sies, and Lunch!

Now I’m being guided to nap in front of the heat vent.

Each moment is new for me. Of course, I understand that it’s difficult for humans to do this – to experience their moments as an unfurling, glorious river of newness. That’s why I’m here – to explain how it can work as you move forward on your little made-up calendars.

The concept of ‘the new year’ is a very powerful one, because it gives you an energetic push that you feel collectively, since you collude in the reality of a new year together, and group energy has magnificent power. You can use this group momentum to aim for a particular direction in your life that you wish to go.

However, you humans tend to judge yourselves if your boats drift, or don’t quite stay on course.

What you must recognize, is that you are not the consistent, plodding, rational creature you imagine yourself to be. You are actually a wild and unpredictable being at heart! Your boat zigzags around on the currents of ever-changing desires and emotions. Thus, it might feel important to lose weight right now, but in a month, you might have a deeper desire driving you.

This is okay. Do you know how many times I’ve been headed for my food bowl, only to get distracted by movement under the curtains? Investigating my surroundings turned into a rich experience I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t a wild creature.

Embrace your wildness as you move into this time. Use the force of the collective push to aim for what you want, and then enjoy where your boat takes you. Direct the boat, then let go of the oars and go on an adventure.
You don’t know where this year will take you, really. Believe in your intentions and goals, and be open to the adventure of your inherent wildness!”

~ Little Girlie McFluff, The Psychic Cat Oracle

December Cat Horoscope


4501195_orig“I don’t make predictions, I just tell the truth.

“It’s cold now, and it’s going to get colder. The squirrels are burying their nuts, and will continue to taunt us with their bushy tails. The sky is gray, but your life will be full and wild! You will fill your belly and warm yourself with the healing balm of the heat vent.

“The land is supposed to be falling silent now, but it’s not, nor will it. Your neighbors are going about their odd practice of using a lurching, screaming monstrosity to blow the leaves around.

“Dude, get a rake.”

~ Little Girlie McFluff

Little Girlie Takes You into The Sacred NOW!


Little Girlie, my Psychic Cat, is sharing her fall message with you in video for the very first time! She communicates telepathically, so I’ve managed to translate her thoughts using subtitles. She’ll be taking you on a journey to the heart of where she lives – The Magic Now.

Get ready to be transported into a wild, swirling vortex that catapults you into this moment. We hope you enjoy it.

Oh. Little Girlie just said she doesn’t care whether you enjoy it. “That’s a human sentiment,” she said. Okay. I hope you enjoy. Girlie just says, “Watch.”

Your Favorite Psychic Cat Interprets The Equinox


Everything is changing, my friend. As the nights grow cooler, I have more mojo to hunt and eat things. Last night I feasted upon a cricket and a moth.

As you can see, my magnificent coat is growing in for the winter.

As fall descends, understand that this is a time to celebrate, not despair. I’m not in the mood to hear complaints about how “summer went by too fast.” That is a human-created illusion.

My superior understanding of the workings of the universe dictate that there IS no time, and therefore, you can easily free yourself from the monotonous merry-go-round of Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer.

When you believe in time, you see ads for pumpkin lattes and you know what it means. You see signs for flu shots and you know what it means. When you believe in time, things get so predictable and boring you need to take plenty of naps.

When you don’t believe in the illusions of time, you are free. Believe in Right Now. This is a unique day like no other. The sky is deep and high!

Believe in Me. I am Total, Absolute, Complete Perfection. And I believe in You, because that’s what you are, too.

Let us dream together, you and I, of the magical universe that this REALLY is — a universe without time, boundaries, or limits — a universe of NOW.

~ Little Girlie McFluff 


September Cat Horoscope


Hello, My Wonderful Friend!

Do you have tyrants in your life?

I do. My caregivers are tyrants. They boss me from one room to the next. I’m manhandled and bullied and squeezed and kissed. I hardly get any rest outside my 16+ hours of sleep per day.

“When are you going to catch the cricket in the basement!?” they shout. “Here, chase this ball and get some exercise.”

“Come over here so we can clip your nails.”

“Come over here so we can clean your teeth.”

“Take your hairball medicine.”

I try to transmit messages telepathically — messages like, “Let me choke on this hairball in peace,” but nobody seems to hear me.

This month, I want to warn you about the most dangerous tyrant of all. It’s the tyrant who lives inside your mind, and criticizes you endlessly. That unkind voice is always telling you how to live your life, what your flaws are, and how you’re not enough. It’s the voice of the Inner Tyrant.

Of course, I don’t have an Inner Tyrant, because I’m a Cat. I don’t need to endure humanity’s mind games.

But you, my Friend… next time you hear anything negative about yourself inside your mind, remember who’s talking. It’s not an angel or spirit guide. It’s merely the Inner Tyrant, and nothing he ever says is true. You can send a gentle and loving “No” to all the tyrants in your life, especially the inner one. He’s a relentless whisperer. Can you recognize his voice?

You are the Light. You may not shine as brightly as a Cat, but you shine!

That is the only truth there is.

And now, for your September Horoscope:

It’s still hot, a good month for lying about in the sunlight. There will be nothing stressful to do. If you must go to the vet, don’t do it lying down. Attack your tyrants with sharp claws.

You’ll also have the opportunity to receive. Let others give to you. You deserve love and tender care. As you can see in the photo below, my caregiver/tyrant is combing me, but this is something I actually enjoy and therefore, demand. It’s okay to ask for what you want.

Finally, September is a great month for celebrating your life. Let’s do it together, shall we? Find a sunny spot to lie down, stretch out joyfully, and dream your miraculous possibilities into form.

With Love Always,

~ Little Girlie, Psychic Cat Oracle

My Divine Perfection… and Yours


I was lying on the bed, minding my own business, when I was swept up by forces out of my control and shoved into a carrying case, where I journeyed to a horrible place. A disgusting little man in a white coat felt up my organs and did some other things too terrible to convey here. Phones were ringing loudly in this place, and monstrous dogs were barking. I peed from the fright of it all.

Now I have to wear this lampshade.

My Friends… sometimes life is extra challenging. The important thing is to love yourself no matter what you hear. For instance, I was told that I was fat and could stand to lose a pound. I was told that I have “chronic gingivitis,” whatever that is. I got angry at my body for betraying me. And then I remembered that I could escape the whole nightmare just by going to sleep.

And when I awoke, I remembered myself as the Perfect Being I am. My silhouette dwarfs the sky! Birds fly away, and the mice run from me, because I am Cat — the most Perfect Being ever created.

The little dream of the humans, with their sad little instruments and prescriptions tried to dominate me, but they did not.

I love myself, and it’s so important that you love yourself too, and accept your dear, innocent body just the way it is. See your magnificent shadow against the grass, revel in your Divinity, your wondrous thoughts and feelings, and know that you have never been anything less than Perfect.

~ Little Girlie


Your Cat Horoscope for July, 2015


“I don’t concern myself with the movements of the planets. Food fills my bowl no matter what Saturn is doing, and I’ve never had issues communicating my needs during a Mercury retrograde. So let’s get down to what’s important.

“It’s hot, and it’s going to stay hot. Squirrels will raid the bird feeder. Mice will hide. It’s a good month to lay low and stick to your routine. Being groomed and attending to personal hygiene is a good idea. Don’t accidentally walk on bubble wrap, and don’t eat food that may have been sitting in your bowl for awhile. (My servant Jessica ate some bad food last week, and, unlike a Mercury retrograde, this did impact me, because she couldn’t attend to her usual duties combing me, and just watching me live. I do require a witness for most things.)

“Be the King or the Queen of your world. Know that you’re important, a child of the universe. You belong here. This month, when the thunder strikes, and the lawn mowers scream, and you’re hiding under a sofa in the basement, remember that Life loves you, and so do I.”

~ Little Girlie McKay

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Wild Cat Poetry ~ Little Girlie’s First Haiku


“I hear rustling.
Basement mouse invites kill-bite.
Cat food, you grow cold.”
– Little Girlie McKay

The Truth


I don’t make predictions. I just tell the truth.

Life can be wild and loud. It can make your ears fly back and your eyes dart. It can compel you to eat dirt, then puke next to your food bowl. It can be startling, magical, and wondrous.

Without the struggle of the hunt, there would be no triumph. Without the deafening garbage trucks, there would be no quiet. I live in the balance between dirty basements and blissful beds, vet’s office nightmares and afternoons in my favorite chair.

Life is a deep buffet of experiences. Hunker down. Eat heartily! Tuck in, my friend.

– Little Girlie McKay

Seeing Opportunity


Every morning, I do the same thing. I make my way from the food bowl to the living room, and down to the basement. I explore every inch of that basement, and I do it every day.

Some say I’m “a creature of habit,” and “boring.”

“Don’t you already know what’s down there?” they say.

Yesterday I was rewarded for my diligence. My guardian had moved some equipment away from the basement window, and suddenly! I had a view to the world I never had before. From my new vantage point, I can see squirrels and birds at ground level, and THEY CAN’T SEE ME!! I hunker down there for hours, and my life has gotten very exciting.

When you live as though every day is new, and don’t make assumptions that everything is going to be the same, you open your mind to new doors and possibilities.

There is something magical about living in the moment, like I do. I never assume that this minute is going to be like the last — I really have no idea what to expect, and that keeps things fresh. I realize that having the superior mind of a cat allows me to keep this perspective, and you… well, your heavy, fat brain moves to the past and future all the time, and you make assumptions from your past like, “I’m never going to find… blah blah blah,” whatever humans look for.

Keep an open mind, my human friend! You have no idea what today holds!


A Note about Gratitude


The heat vent is particularly nice this time of year.

I want to take a blissful moment out of my busy sleep and eating schedule to tell you about the abundance in my life. As you can see, I’m lying on a special towel next to the heat vent on the floor, and couldn’t be more content.

There are so many things that humans take for granted. A warm home, clean water that comes out of a faucet, safe food to eat. My guardian Jessica comes home with a big bag of food for me. I have no idea where it comes from, it just appears.

When I was 6 weeks old and homeless, I had no idea how things were going to turn out. And now here I am, belly-up, basking in paradise.

If you want to be as happy as I am, begin by seeing the small things around you to be grateful for. And if you think about it, the “little things” aren’t so little. There are humans on this planet who may never know what it’s like to have clean water or electricity. Let that sink in for a moment. If you are reading these words, it’s quite possible you are among the wealthiest humans alive right now.

Make a gratitude list and put those things on it that have forgotten you have. A warm blanket. A hot cup of tea. Keep going… I’ll be right here.

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I Want What I Want, and Everyone Else Can Go To Hell in a Carrying Case


Here I am at the vet. Do I look happy? I’m giving my guardian Jessica the “stink eye” in this picture. Does it show?

Tonight, I’m sharing about something very important that most humans have a hard time really grasping. It’s OKAY to be you — to want what you want, to like what you like, and dislike what you dislike. Everyone’s so busy trying to please everyone else, by doing what they think they “should.”

I don’t adhere to these rules because I’m completely undomesticated. You can’t hook my attention long enough to teach me your version of right/wrong, good/bad. And my walnut-sized brain doesn’t register punishment (or so your scientists believe). There’s a tremendous freedom in that, because you can’t tell me who I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to desire and want, to earn your approval and love.

It’s no secret – I don’t like certain things. Jessica always wants me to enjoy sitting in her lap, or being held. But guess what? I don’t like it — in fact, I despise being held.

And she loves me anyway. If you want to be happy, you need to have faith that people will still love and accept you the way you are. And if you love and accept yourself the way I do, it won’t matter whether others approve.

You and I are Divine Perfection, frolicking by the light of the moon, sleeping next to the heat vent, and stalking mice together in the musty, dim air of the basement. We are Love.


When Your Food Bowl is Empty, it’s Time to Have Faith


When my food bowl is empty, I get a little crazy. I act out all over the house, rummaging through plants and taking flying leaps at Jessica’s chair while she sits at the computer. I attack from all directions to see how intensely I can frighten her. I cry, howl and beg.

I’ll admit it – I do it all out of fear. My brain doesn’t have access to the past, and so I forget that I’ve never gone hungry. I get worried that there’s no food in the house.

But my guardian Jessica assures me that food has been presented to me every day of my life here. She tries to explain that it’s because the world is an abundant place, full of every good thing. I don’t know what “the world” is, but what she says is true: I’ve had a full belly since the day I was born.

I have no idea how any of this works, but I know that Life will take good care of you, too.

Fear can make you do crazy and desperate things, such as applying for a job you hate because you think you need the money. Don’t let yourself go there. Maybe it’s time to think about the dreams you’ve always had but never acted on. Or you might try something you never considered before. Just last week I explored a part of the basement I’d never allowed myself to wander (there’s a scary-looking vacuum cleaner there).

The things you are meant to have can be acquired without clawing up the furniture. Just feel how supported you are right in this moment. In this moment, you are right here, breathing in the golden air with me, alive on a fall day.
~ Little Girlie

It’s My Way or Nothing  ~ On Setting Healthy Boundaries


Hello, my friends. My servant, Jessica, has been bringing guests to stay in my domain lately. The two big giants she calls Mom and Dad were here for a time.

Many who walk through these sacred cat halls wish to cuddle me immediately. But they must learn about the boundaries I set. If you are too hasty, I’ll walk away from you and avoid you for the rest of the afternoon. You must wait for ME to come to YOU, and then you must pay attention to my signals. I might suddenly change my mind and no longer require your petting services.

This is healthy relating. And I encourage you to practice it too. Set your boundaries with others, and stick to them. Don’t betray yourself because you were taught to be polite. When dinner is over and the plates are cleared away, if you can’t imagine spending one more minute with those nice people who invited you over — take it from me. Make like a birdie, and fly, fly away.

Focus + Belief = Success!


I caught a mouse today. Not this fake mouse you see in the photograph, oh no. I killed a real mouse in the basement.

I’m quite proud. This task took laser-like focus. I was stalking and hunting the mouse for almost ten hours before victory was mine.

You can stalk and hunt your dreams until you achieve them. It just takes focus and the belief that anything is possible.

My guardian Jessica tells me sad stories. Some of her clients express dreams during their readings, and go on to say how their families or friends don’t support and encourage them to pursue these dreams.

When I was hunting the mouse, I had plenty of support from my guardians. They moved all the downstairs furniture out of the way so I could hunt the mouse with stealth and efficiency. They made it hard for him to hide. They cheered me on from the stairs.

In life, you may not have people cheering you on. You may be all alone with your dreams. But rest assured, you have the support of God/Spirit and all the angels in the unseen realm encouraging and supporting you in creating the life you really want.

Just focus your attention, and know that you can do anything!
~ Little Girlie


Cat Horoscope


All I keep hearing is how October is going to be a rough month because the planets are going crazy. “The energy is out of whack this month!” cries my poor servant Jessica, who gets upset over the news and worries about the October horoscope.

Mercury is going retrograde soon, and there’s going be an eclipse that does something bad, I forget what. I don’t know why she bothers talking to me about it. All I know is today.

Today, I feel fantastic! I’m eating, chasing the ping pong ball around, napping and making demands. I’m not worrying about the future of America, or trying to navigate the unpredictable waters of emotions triggered by the solar system.

I’ve often wondered, if my servant Jessica is adversely affected by a planet traveling backwards through space, why aren’t I? I don’t feel any different. Perhaps it is because cats, as superior beings, don’t need to endure the sad little trials of the humans.

Try to be more like me. Forget the predictions and horoscopes. Just breathe, relax, and let go into this moment when it’s just the two of us… a cat and a human, breathing in the light on a fall day. ~ Little Girlie

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My Needs Come First


“I see a lot of humans running around tending to everyone’s needs without taking time out for themselves.

I am always friendlier to my servants after I am fed, groomed, and reassured that yes, I am the center of All That Is. If I don’t see to my own needs, I am ornery and have no ability to tolerate my servant’s bizarre need — to almost suffocate me with manhandling, cooing, and pressing her mouth into my cheek while making a strange chirping sound.

But sadly, your human culture teaches that to get your needs met first is selfish. And so you make sure everyone’s needs are fulfilled before yours. You tell yourself that you have too many responsibilities to take time just for you. You tell yourself that once everything is done, once your home is squeaky clean, the kids’ homework is done, and the rainforests are saved, only then can you take time to do whatever it is that recharges and re-energizes you.

Bogus! I turn my nose up at this. If my servant Jessica didn’t first take time to eat breakfast and drink coffee in the morning, she wouldn’t have the capacity to entertain me, and I require a lot of entertainment and attention. She felt sorry for me once — I made a spectacle of myself meowing at the bedroom door so she would get up and tend to my needs. And so she staggered to my hunting area and began waving the mouse toy around. It was pathetic. I didn’t even bother trying to chase it because she was so listless and devoid of energy, the mouse didn’t seem real that day. So neither of us got our needs met!

I don’t want this to happen to you. I always honor my needs first – always. Just imagine how much more you’ll have to give everyone else when you give to yourself first.” ~ Little Girlie