One Question Email Reading


After you email your question to, you’ll receive a 1-2 page PDF document with the answer to your question. Please be as specific as possible with your question. The more you let me in on your fears and concerns, the more guidance I can provide. Unless I’m traveling, you’ll receive your reading within 72 hours. I’ll notify you right away if I think it’s going to take longer. I look forward to reading for you!


“Dear Jessica… Wow! At first I was unsure how an email reading would go; I prefer seeing someone face-to-face, but I have to say I’m stunned. Your reading went straight to the heart of the matter, and the validations I sought in moving forward with my life were clear, concise, and very much needed. There were things you couldn’t have known that proved to me your intuition is strong and accurate. You are definitely on my list of go-to support the next time I’m feeling a little lost. Thank you SO much!” ~ Maria R.