The Intuitive Life Breakthrough

Trust your intuition to make major life decisions in this personally tailored mentorship program.

Become an Intuitive “Jedi” in 8 Weeks


Are you going through a transition or challenge? How would you like to solve it in a non-conventional, magical way? This program turns you into an intuitive “Jedi,” with psychic tools that help you navigate just about anything. Learn to “read” people, places, and situations so that you feel confident knowing what to do. The best part is, you don’t need to have any psychic ability to do this!

How it works: In eight jam-packed sessions, we look at the areas of your life where you feel stuck or challenged. We’ll connect with your intuitive guidance using the techniques I’ll teach you, and we’ll build your confidence together.


You will:

  • Make crystal clear, intuitive decisions with confidence
  • Read people and situations with accuracy
  • Learn tools to cope with fast spiritual growth
  • Communicate with spirit guides and begin receiving guidance
  • Start manifesting like a pro
  • Learn how to use psychic tools for a peaceful and fulfilling day
  • Answer your deepest questions about life direction, relationships, or career

This program includes:

  • Eight 1-on-1 sessions (phone or Skype)
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • 14 Audio classes (2 per week) that you listen to between sessions

Our Investment

YOUR TIME: This program is personally tailored to you and requires approximately 1.5 hours of time per week. You need to be able to listen to 2 audio classes per week (about 20-30 minutes each), in addition to our one-on-one session.

OUR ENERGY: This program is tailored to you, and therefore requires a bigger energy investment on my part. Together, there’s nothing we can’t tackle. If you’re going through a career transition, divorce, legal battle or family drama, you’ll learn real psychic tools to handle these challenges in new and empowering ways — and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

YOUR MONETARY INVESTMENT: Currently, there are three options. Let’s have a phone conversation to see what your needs are and whether this program is right for you. This will not be a “sales call” that pressures you to buy. I’m not looking to make sales. I’m looking for dream clients who really want transformation. If it’s not right for us to work together, I’ll recommend other resources and colleagues that might help you. If we ARE a good fit, I’ll accept your payment for the program and schedule your first Intuitive Life Session. 

I look forward to speaking with you! 

This has been the most amazing and rewarding training program. And as you know, I participate in many programs and workshops! I feel so supported and held on top of learning so much. The audio classes somehow seemed tailor made for me! I had questions between classes and then the audio classes answered them. What delight I felt each time my needs and questions were met and answered unexpectedly. Most importantly, I learned to trust my own intuition. Having you as a mentor to validate and enhance my psychic abilities gave me greater confidence in using my intuition to make major life decisions. I love the healing that came out of our sessions together… thank you, thank you! 

Judy C.

Your ability to tailor this program to my specific needs was such a benefit for me. I loved how you taught me to trust my inner knowingness and feel more confident in my life. The course was a great blend of practicing new psychic tools, meditations, insightful messages and explanations. You always made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and loved.

Jutta M.

Yes, I want to see if this program is right for me.

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