The Happy Heart Relationship Breakthrough

A program that helps women create loving relationships that support them so they can FINALLY stop attracting the wrong partners and get the love they deserve.

Do you feel sad when you think about your love life?

Have you always longed for a partner who loves and supports you unconditionally, but feel like you never find them?

Do you feel like you’re always attracted to the “wrong” people and don’t understand why?

Well, I DO understand why, and I’d like to help.

The “wrong” partner is:

  • Anyone who sets conditions on what you have to do to earn their love
  • Anyone who doesn’t fully support who you are
  • Anyone who is is unavailable or afraid of commitment

If you’ve been attracting abusive, wounded or unavailable partners, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and IT ISN’T YOUR FAULT.

When you were a little child, you received messages about yourself and about love and relationship that you’ve carried into your adult life. These subconscious ideas and beliefs have been operating under the surface, causing you to attract and be attracted to partners who can’t give you the unconditional love you deserve.

Together, we can break that old conditioning so that you enter a new reality where love comes to you easily.

This exciting new program is for you if one or more of the following apply:


  • The potential partners you meet are unavailable or afraid of commitment.
  • You attract wounded partners that need to be healed.
  • The people you get into relationship with are abusive or critical of you.
  • No matter how many times you’ve tried to “start over,” you keep having the same experience.

If you can relate to any of the above, it’s almost guaranteed that you have hidden subconscious beliefs about yourself and about love and relationship that are stopping you from experiencing the love you deserve.

If you want to finally let go of the hidden beliefs that have been standing in your way of attracting healthy and joyful relationships in your life, keep reading!

I have just released a new program called, The Happy Heart Relationship Breakthrough. It’s a powerful 3 month program that helps you finally release the negative subconscious beliefs that have been stopping you from having the love you deserve. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll achieve in the program: 


  • A greater ability to manifest harmonious relationships in your life
  • Powerful healing that allows you to stop attracting emotionally unavailable, wounded or abusive partners
  • An exciting new kind of self-love that attracts loving and emotionally stable people to you
  • An end to self-sabotage forever

When you enroll, you receive powerful one-on-one coaching and energy healing sessions that work to instantly remove the subconscious beliefs that have been defining your love life.

No matter how long you’ve suffered in relationships that haven’t supported you, it really IS possible to completely rewrite your love life!

As part of the program you’ll also receive:

  • powerful teaching videos that help you release and let go of limiting beliefs forever
  • 4 audio meditations that help you break old ties to past heartbreak


Special Bonus!

When you enroll in this program, you receive the following bonus:

  • Find Your Soulmate Relationship Online Course (Value: $297)

How to Apply

Schedule a free 20-minute Happy Heart Coaching Session and discover exactly what’s stopping you from having the relationship you really want, and the #1 thing you need to do to begin attracting unconditional love to you.

I only want to work with women who really want transformation, so this is NOT going to be a “sales pitch” that pressures you to buy. It’s a chance for us to make sure that you’re ready to commit to yourself and your relationship goals.

At the end of the session if we’re both in agreement, I’ll accept your payment and enroll you in the program. We’ll schedule your first one-on-one session and you’ll get access to the program materials immediately.

Schedule your free 20-minute Happy Heart Coaching Session

Having this session with you today was truly wonderful! You have an amazing gift, it’s soft and loving and you have so much care for everyone you talk to. You made me feel safe and it helped me let go of my fears. Thank you so much for your beautiful kind energy you share with me and everyone.

Regina G.

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