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Jessica McKayAs an empath and intuitive counselor, I’m able to sense what you’re feeling, and use my intuition and a strong connection to Spirit to see what’s underneath your challenges. From there, I help you feel empowered to create the most joyful life you can imagine. I’m here to help you get clear about your direction when you’re feeling confusion or self-doubt, so you can soar.


My Story


I woke up the day that I discovered how to love myself. I was in my late twenties, had a job I hated, was deeply in debt, and had relationships with judgmental men who reinforced my negative views of myself. I had a deeply ingrained habit of criticizing myself for how much I wasn’t achieving, and thinking I should be different than I was.

The day I learned how to truly love and accept myself was the best day of my life, and the first day of a dramatic rebirth that set me on the path to creating a life I could love.

I discovered that self-love is the most powerful healing force in the universe. When you tap into its power, you have the ability to heal absolutely everything in your life, from your relationships, to your physical body and livelihood. Using intuitive guidance, I teach women and men to love themselves and transform their lives.

I’m here for you.

I love giving intuitive readings and receiving beautiful, positive messages for those who feel called to experience a reading with me.

While readings are primarily done via phone, Skype, and email, I do give in-person readings in both Bridgewater and Montclair, NJ (see my events page).

I’m excited that you’re here and considering the magic of an intuitive reading! No matter what path you’re on, a reading can give you a new way of seeing your situations and relationships. More importantly, it can offer solutions and tools to make life more manageable. My goal as an intuitive counselor is to help you feel more at peace with the challenges you’re facing.

With Love,



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Jessica is an angel. Her accuracy is uncanny and she is able to make you feel at ease about whatever situation you’re in. She is a beautiful soul and so talented at what she does. I trust Jessica 100% — she has always been so accurate with me. So glad I found her!

Fatima Jay

Jessica, the Skype Tarot reading you just did for me was the best psychic reading of any type I have ever had. I feel infinitely more confident now about my life direction, and what my next steps are. I’ve never before had a reading that was so concrete and full of easy to follow suggestions. Plus you were so kind and supportive. Thank you!!!

Christel Rene

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Jessica is one of the authors of When Heaven Touches Earth by James Van Praagh, Sunny Dawn Johnston, and Lisa McCourt.When Heaven Touches Earth Jessica McKay James Van Praagh

Jessica is a columnist for

Numerologist.com Jessica McKay

Jessica is one of the narrators of Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy, The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz audiobook.

Beyond Fear Jessica McKay

Jessica completed an 8-year apprenticeship in the Toltec tradition of Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements

Certified Hypnotherapist ~ The Alchemy Institute, Santa Rosa CA

Alchemy Institute

Jessica completed psychic training at Golden Rose Psychic Services


Body Code Practitioner

Body Code Practitioner Jessica McKay

Rutgers University ~ Bachelor of Arts