About Jessica

We all have special gifts…

As an empath and intuitive counselor, I’m able to sense what you’re feeling, and use my intuition and a strong connection to Spirit to see what’s underneath your challenges.

From there, I help you feel empowered to create the most joyful life you can imagine.

I’m here to help you get clear about your direction when you’re feeling confusion or self-doubt, so you can soar. Jessica McKa

I’m here for you.

I love giving intuitive readings and receiving beautiful, positive messages for those who feel called to experience a reading with me.

Readings are via phone and Skype. See the Book a Reading page for details.

I’m excited that you’re here and considering the magic of an intuitive reading! No matter what path you’re on, a reading can give you a new way of seeing your situations and relationships. More importantly, it can offer solutions and tools to make life more manageable. My goal as an intuitive counselor is to help you feel more at peace with the challenges you’re facing.

Jessica is…

A member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics

A member of Best Psychic Directory

Certified as psychic by Golden Rose Psychic Services

A columnist for Numerologist.com.

“Jessica’s readings have been an important part of my personal process with several intense life events. I believe she is an amazingly gifted intuitive who also possesses the gift of clear communication from the heart. Her readings ground me in a reality where we are so much more than we know and that we are loved and supported always.”

Randi Hardman


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