The most frequent message I get from spirit guides when I’m doing a reading for someone on love and relationship is, “It’s safe for you to love.”

No one likes to get hurt. And every single person on earth has been hurt in relationship. Maybe someone you loved broke up with you, withdrew their love, or died. The pain may have felt excruciating, and some part of you vowed never to be vulnerable and open again.

I remember my first conscious decision never to be vulnerable or “weak” ever again after my first boyfriend broke up with me. I was only 14. What a decision to make at 14! I remember looking at the moon in the late afternoon sky as I hardened my heart. I decided that rejection was more painful than not giving people the opportunity to reject me, so I created a wall to keep others out.

Your spirit guides want you to know that it is safe to love again. Even though you may have been truly heartbroken at some point in your life, you kept on living. It probably wasn’t fun, or comfortable. But you didn’t come here to be comfortable all the time — you came here to experience all aspects of living, including being hurt sometimes.

And at the same time, your guides want you to know that getting hurt and being disappointed isn’t meant to be a permanent experience. Take note of how many days in your life you haven’t been grieving a loss. There have been many days, weeks, and months in which you’ve felt okay, and even happy.

If you’ve been waiting for a relationship, or trying to create one, know that when you feel ready to risk being hurt again, diving in without holding back, you’ll attract someone into your life who is also ready to make that leap, and you’ll do it together.

Jess roseIt’s safe to love because it’s safe to be hurt. The pain is there for a little while, and it eventually subsides to reveal a deeper, wilder, more vulnerable and beautiful you. And nothing could be more precious than that.

I’m always getting messages like this one from my guides. If you’d like to receive messages meant just for you, you can always get an email reading or set up a phone or Skype reading with me. Being able to give you uplifting messages from your guides is what I love best in the world.

Sending you love this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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