Today, spirit guides want you to know that everything is working the way it should. You are doing life perfectly. The only thing that overturns your sense of peace is the way you look at things. When you have thoughts that things should be different than they are, it causes a certain kind of suffering.

If you’re at work, and you look out the window and think, “Oh, how I wish I was enjoying the day outside, rather than sitting here,” that thought is going to cause more pain than the reality of being inside. The thoughts we entertain and believe either lift us up, or bring us down.

I know how hard it is to try to control the emergence of thought. But rather than trying to control something wild, you might witness what it’s doing and make the decision not to invest your faith in what it’s trying to tell you. The mind loves to tell scary stories about the future, how you’re not going to have enough money, love, health, or success, or how you’re going to perish, sad and alone.

That active factory of thoughts is like someone standing on a street corner in the middle of a beautiful, sunny day, holding up a sign that says armageddon is coming. You can have compassion for the part of you who routinely invests faith in lies. It’s a habit, and like any habit, it takes practice to unlearn.

Start by seeing what is good about this moment. Do you feel good in your body? What a blessing! Are you enjoying your lunch break? How nice! Is someone you love alive today so you can tell them you love them? Wonderful!

If you don’t feel good in your body, and you’re having a rough day, you might have to dig a little deeper for what’s right or good about this moment. Though I have faith that you can find something, even if it’s very small. It might take your entire lifetime to claim mastery over your active mind, but you can begin by shifting your perception. Look at what’s good right now, and you’ll start seeing other good things.