Happy Heart Breakthrough

Intuitive Coaching for Women

This program helps women feeling unfulfilled in their relationships to permanently eliminate the guilt, anxiety and subconscious programming that stops them from feeling comfortable in their own skin and creating an extraordinary life.

Many women who feel unfulfilled experience a deep sadness and an intense longing for purpose and meaning. They search for meaning through romantic relationships or career achievements. When these fall short, they seek guidance from psychics, books, therapists or spiritual traditions, hoping to figure out why they’re unfulfilled and what to do about it, but usually end up feeling more lost.

When you don’t feel connected to your purpose…

You try to give your life meaning by pleasing others and being of service. Deep down you might recognize that you need better boundaries and self-care, but it’s hard to stop over-giving.

When you’ve spent most of your life anticipating others’ needs…

You become sensitive and empathic, often taking on the challenges of other people to give your life meaning. This sensitivity can cause depression, chronic illness and anxiety, which prevent you from participating fully with life.

You don’t feel fulfilled in your relationships…

If you can relate to this, it’s likely you don’t feel fulfilled in your relationships and have the same kind of disappointing relationship experience over and over again. You might fall in love with hope and faith, only to find out that your new love interest can’t commit or is unavailable. Or you end up staying in relationships with people who are critical of you. Perhaps you feel frustrated because you’ve noticed that you always seem to be attracted to partners who can’t give you what you need.

After enough disappointments, it’s hard to live with an open heart. You hope that if you can just figure out the “right” career or find the right partner, you’ll feel the deep satisfaction and connection with life that you’re longing for.

The Real Reason…

But the real reason you don’t feel fulfilled or aligned with your purpose is because you have been separated from a very important part of yourself — a part that knows who you are, what your purpose is, and what you actually want. What you really want is a life without suffering, strong and loving relationships, health and vitality, and more passion for life itself.

The good news is, in order to be happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life, you only need to do ONE thing: reunite with the part of yourself that got rejected and left behind during childhood. When you accept yourself unconditionally, your confusion goes away. Your intuition skyrockets, you finally gain access to your deepest desires, and you have the power to fulfill them.

The Happy Heart Breakthrough

2 Month Coaching Program

You’ll Receive

  • An end to negative relationship patterns and self-sabotage so that you can finally experience the love you deserve
  • Confidence to make decisions in alignment with your intuition and the life you want, so you can let go of confusion, self-doubt, and going around in circles forever
  • Healthy boundaries that attract loving and supportive people and experiences, so you always feel comfortable just being yourself
  • A restored connection to the inner power needed to manifest an extraordinary life, so you stop feeling like you’re missing out


  • Happy Heart Assessment – Finally discover the root cause of your unhappiness and the repeating patterns in your life
  • 8 Weekly 1:1 45-minute coaching calls – This is where fast transformation happens!
  • Action plan summary between calls
  • Unlimited email access to Jessica between sessions
  • BONUS #1 – Access to powerful audio classes PROVEN to increase your intuitive power to make positive decisions
  • BONUS #2 – Guide to Your Inner World PDF which shows you step-by-step how to banish inner conflict and have inner peace & wholeness in its place.

Jessica McKay is a God-send. I have been working with her for the last 3 months as my intuitive coach. She is so very gifted. I never met anyone that gifted in tapping in before. The double blessing is that not only was she helping me in real time seeing what was taking place around me, and coaching me through self-inflicted obstacles that were holding me back from my true potential, but she was also following up each coaching session with very valuable tools that allowed me to take control of my energy and help those important to me.”

Pam Vinje

Jessica’s Happy Heart Breakthrough coaching program was the most impactful and transformational 12 weeks. I found myself at a crossroad, and recurring negative relationship patterns evident in both my work life and my love life had me spinning. After trying (unsuccessfully) to break those patterns for 20+ years, it was Jessica who finally helped me with the breakthrough. Now, my head and heart are in alignment, I’m grounded in love, and grateful to be Just As I Am. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your gifts. You provided me the tools, guidance, and support I needed to truly transform my life. YOU are a gifted and talented soul.”

Marion S.

Meet Your Intuitive Coach

For me, feeling lost and directionless began in childhood. I was a sensitive, empathic child, which means that I was easily overwhelmed and easily frightened. I was bullied in school. I desperately wanted people to like me, so I tried to become who they wanted me to be to get their love and approval.

I spent years feeling afraid that I wasn’t good enough, and I was afraid to let people see the real me. As a result, my life was passionless. I had a good job and was making okay money, but I was always yearning. I never felt clear about what I wanted. Long after my friends had all gotten married, pursued advanced degrees and created careers for themselves, I was spinning my wheels. I hated every job I had, and was really afraid I was wasting my life.

I spent most of my free time searching for love. I thought that love would change everything. But I kept finding myself in abusive relationships with controlling, judgmental men.

I started experiencing chronic digestion issues, depression and anxiety. So in addition to not having a career I loved and feeling like a failure in my relationships, I also felt limited by my health.

In an effort to figure out why my life was so unfulfilling, I read a lot of spiritual books. One day I found a book by bestselling author Miguel Ruiz, entitled, Beyond Fear. It describes a place in Mexico where spiritual seekers gather and do ceremonies to understand their purpose and remember who they really are.

I found a teacher that studied with Miguel and booked his trip to Mexico. With the help of the group and my teacher, I had a breakthrough that changed everything for me. I learned that I was okay the way I was, and more importantly, I learned how to give myself the love and acceptance I never received as a child.

The healing power that gets released when you accept yourself unconditionally is indescribable. After the short, 5-day trip, I was clear about my purpose and knew what I wanted. Two months later, I quit my job and moved from NJ to CA to work for my teacher. I dove into personal growth and transformation. I got my hypnotherapy license, strengthened my intuition and became a professional psychic. I was able to stop the negative cycle of dating judgmental men, and a few years later, I married a kind and loving man.

We don’t realize how much personal power it takes to repress who we are. During childhood we learn to reject parts of ourselves — which is the only reason we feel confused, spin our wheels, go in and out of the same kind of relationship, have no access to intuition or feelings, and lack clarity about what resonates with us in life.

I show women how to bring the lost parts of themselves home. This 8-week coaching program creates fast transformational change, breaks self-sabotage and propels you forward.


It’s hard to limit my love, awe, admiration and gratefulness for Jessica. She is a true healer in every sense. I was struggling with a relationship I was in. My partner did not want to commit. This situation triggered so many wounds inside of me and it felt like the end of the world. Coaching sessions with Jessica helped me process the situation, validated my feelings and gave me the structure I needed to move forward. With Jessica’s support and guidance not only was I able to navigate this difficult time in my life but I was able to heal from my own traumas and wounds. The most beautiful thing about the way she works is that she empowers you to find your balance, which lasts you your life.”

Maria Elena

Through Jessica’s intuitive coaching sessions, I was able to release fears that were holding me back. Almost immediately my life shifted, and I’m now attracting other people into my life who are different than my childhood programming. I feel like my aura and energy have changed and I’m meeting new people who are kind. I didn’t realize all the changes that would come about. This is turning out to be an exciting year. I have more joy and love and connection because of my participation in this program.”

Carolyn Baldino

In Happy Heart Breakthrough coaching, you will learn 3 life-changing Secrets:

Secret #1: The fastest way to eliminate fear, anxiety, guilt, and the persistent feeling that you’re missing out on life is to stop pursuing therapy, psychic readings, healing sessions, and trying to manifest your dreams with a vision board, and instead focus on one simple and effective strategy.

Secret #2: The women who live life to the fullest and use their intuitive gifts to create meaningful work they love, all uncovered a power within themselves that makes them practically unstoppable — and for each one it was hidden in the exact same place.

Secret #3: Attracting a joyful, healthy romantic relationship into your life has nothing to do with so-called “luck,” knowing you’re enough, or even with the total lack of commitment you see in 99% of the men you meet, and instead has everything to do with this one tragically common, festering emotional pattern that secretly poisons your relationships.

Schedule a free strategy session to see whether Happy Heart intuitive coaching is a good fit for you.

What Happens During a Strategy Session?


  • Once we connect on the phone, I ask you to share what’s not working in your life, and to tell me about the life you want to create instead.
  • After listening to what you have to say, I help you zero in on the exact subconscious program that’s keeping you stuck.
  • Then, if I feel 100% confident that I can help you, I’ll tell you about the different service packages I offer and my fee for each. THERE IS NO CREEPY SALES PRESSURE.
  • This is a very valuable session that will help you discover the subconscious messages stopping you from creating the life you want. Since it’s free, we ask that if you book, you show up — so please schedule carefully. If you don’t show up without the courtesy of an email, you won’t be allowed to reschedule.