Intuitive Life Coaching

Want weekly intuitive support for your relationships, challenges, and dreams?

This is the place to start.

I coach women searching for fulfillment and new direction in their lives to connect with their intuition and purpose, so they can experience more prosperity, joy, love and intimacy.

What I’ve found is that most women feel guilty for feeling unfulfilled because they feel like they’re supposed to be grateful and happy, especially when they have people who love them or a great career. But deep down, they sense that something is missing and they don’t know what it is. They feel lost, and the mistake they make is thinking they’ll be fulfilled if they could just find the “right” relationship or the right career. They go to classes, workshops, practice the law of attraction, and maybe even go back to school to get another degree or certification, but none of these changes take away the empty feeling.

It’s not necessary to keep searching and spinning your wheels in order to be happy and fulfilled. It just takes two simple actions. In intuitive life coaching, we open up your intuitve gifts and reconnect you with the part of yourself you’ve been missing since childhood. The healing you receive in this coaching program is life altering.

When you provide me with the information below, I’ll be able to see whether this program is a potential fit for you.

I’ll set up an Intuitive Coaching conversation if I see an opportunity to help you. During the conversation, I’ll help you get clear on your needs, offer my insights, and then recommend what I truly feel is best for you. It might include working with me, or it might mean referring you to someone I trust, or recommending an inspirational book or program.

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My results-driven intuitive coaching programs start at $1,000. Are you willing to invest at least $1,000 to get the transformation you seek? *

Frequently Asked Questions

“How long does coaching last?”

This program is designed to be between 1-3 months. At the end of your first month, you can evaluate whether you’d like to continue, space permitting.

“What if I change my mind? Is my money refundable?”

My intuitive coaching program is personally tailored to each person. Spots are limited and I only want to work with people who really want to work with me. If you aren’t sure you want coaching, or if you aren’t committed to investing in yourself and your happiness, this isn’t the right program for you. However, if your circumstances suddenly change and you no longer desire coaching, I will refund the unused portion of our sessions.


Meet Your Intuitive Life Coach

Jessica McKay is the author of The Wisdom of a Psychic Cat – 15 Lessons on Happiness for Humans, and co-author of When Heaven Touches Earth – A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels and Wonders, by James Van Praagh and others. She has given thousands of readings to people all over the world, and is a regular columnist for She connects with spirit guides to give people messages of love and encouragement.

The sessions I had with Jessica were immensely insightful. Not only is she amazing at all her predictions towards my situations but her loving presence really made me feel extremely safe and warm. Being a highly sensitive person myself, it’s not easy to manage my own energy sometimes. As a mentor, Jessica has taught me to embrace my own intution so I can serve more beloved clients on my path. I trust her guidance a lot and she’s definitely someone I highly recommend!”

Jen Yang

Metamorphosis Coaching

This has been the most amazing and rewarding coaching program. And as you know, I participate in many programs and workshops! I feel so supported and held on top of learning so much. I am excited to incorporate my learning into my life. I look forward to our coaching sessions and the fun and joyful learning ahead!”

Judy C.