doing readingsWhen I first started doing readings professionally, I loved it so much I remember telling my husband I would never need to retire.

Somewhere over the last 8 years, that feeling changed.

What had once been easy and joyful, now seemed extremely hard.

And here’s the part I’m embarrassed to admit: I kept doing it anyway. I kept giving readings and hustling for clients because we needed the money.

Doing it out of financial need created a lot of resentment. I resented having to rely on my psychic gifts to pay the bills. I wanted to do readings because I felt like it, not because I needed the money.

But I had nothing else lined up. I’d been out of the traditional workforce long enough to feel like I couldn’t go back to a 9-5. Who would hire me anyway?

So I kept offering readings.

I was afraid to stop, not just because I needed to make a living, but because my ego was attached to my identity as a “psychic healer.” If I wasn’t doing readings, who would I be?

Last year, I started offering more “intuitive coaching.”

I thought coaching would allow me to go deeper with my clients. I have an extensive background in hypnotherapy and emotional healing, and thought I’d be more fulfilled if I were using those gifts.

So I invested thousands of dollars in high-level business coaching. I knew that if I wanted to be successful I had to face my lack of business training.

The training was great! I earned enough as a coach to pay back my tuition, and I finally learned what I needed to do to succeed.

But there was a problem. I still wasn’t happy. And on top of it, I had to admit that I had NO interest in doing what my coaches said I needed to do to be successful: speak on stages, network, and teach in-person classes.

I am a natural born introvert. I don’t want to get up on stage! I have panic attacks! Large crowds are tough for me energetically. Let’s face it: I’m most comfortable working at home in my bathrobe. It’s taken me forever to acknowledge this truth about myself.

Since I wasn’t in alignment with working as a psychic OR pounding the pavement as a coach, my business began to tank.

When the pandemic hit, I finally asked myself what I really, really wanted. I meditated. I did it every single day. And every time I asked, I got the same answer:

I wanted to write.

I had an assumption that writing couldn’t pay the bills. But since I had nothing else to go on, I took a leap of faith.

I mentioned my desire to become a professional writer to a colleague who was in my business coaching group, and she posted about me on Facebook. In less than a week, I got my first copywriting gig!

And just like that, overnight, I was being paid to write.

(Things often happen quickly when you’re in alignment with what you’re creating.)

And so, for the first time in years, I’m doing a few psychic readings here and there — not because I need the money, but because I feel like it. It’s becoming more of a hobby while my writing career carries me financially.

So what does this mean for you and I?

Well, it means that if you’ve worked with me before and want intuitive guidance, email me. If I’m in a good space to do a reading, I’ll send you a link where you can book. If I’m not, I’ll recommend one of my talented colleagues.

As of right now, the general public is not able to book readings on my website. I also gave up my position as a columnist for, and I’m no longer offering monthly video readings for their platform.

I may still do a monthly card draw on my YouTube channel, but I don’t know yet. I need to take it day-by-day and assess how I’m feeling.

If you love my videos, I highly recommend watching Elizabeth Harper’s video card readings. She is AMAZING, and SO clearly aligned with what she’s offering. I love her. If you don’t know who she is, definitely look her up.

I know this is abrupt and may come as a shock to some of you. If that’s the case, I am truly sorry. I’m committed to letting you see who I  am and what’s true for me. And this is it.

And finally, I just want to thank you. Thank you for trusting me to give you intuitive guidance and valuing what I did for the last 8 years. It has meant the world to me.

With So Much Love,