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The Wisdom of a Psychic Cat Excerpt

My new book is almost here! You will definitely want a copy for yourself and a friend. My psychic cat assures me that this is true. (Photo credit: Wendy Warren Varga) Here's an excerpt from the book: INTRODUCTION My name in this lifetime is Little Girlie. My surname,...

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Favorite Oracle Card Decks

If you're on my mailing list, you know that I love to offer oracle card readings in my newsletters. It's so much fun, and I have a wonderful time picking out which deck I'm going to use for the reading. I've been reading cards since my mother taught me how to do a...

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A Tarot Reading for Today

This reading is for you on the day you see it. Get quiet, close your eyes, and ask yourself which message is most appropriate for you today: #1, #2, or #3. I'm using the Hanson-Roberts Tarot for this reading. IF YOU CHOSE MESSAGE #1, THE CARD THAT CAME UP IS: THE PAGE...

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