How can you make life truly blissful? You don’t need to be rich or have a ton of money to improve the quality of your life and sense of well-being. I’m putting together a new series of blog posts (this is Part 1) that has powerful, easy tips to make your life so pleasurable that you’re amazed that you’re not actually a millionaire. Inside, you’ll feel like one. Maybe the title of this series should be, “How to Feel Like a Millionaire Without Being One!”

So here we go… Step One: Let go of ONE task or activity that you don’t like doing.

Do you believe that you need to do things you don’t like in order to survive? If you have that belief, I hear you. I used to think that the only way I could make a living was to do jobs I hated (because my parents hated their jobs) — so I manifested terrible, soul-crushing jobs for years.

Yup! This is actually a picture of me at a soul-crushing job ten years ago.

I’m not telling you to quit your job (not yet, anyway!). But I’m willing to bet there are many small things you do on a daily basis that you don’t enjoy (like shopping, driving, interacting with people who drain your energy, texting, listening to the news, reading something that upsets you on social media, etc.)

What are all the little annoyances that greet you on a daily basis? Go through your day mentally, and make a note of any chores and tasks you do that you don’t like, but you do anyway, and then I want you to let ONE of them go.

This might be a little challenging at first, because you may have a belief that says you have to do something in order to be safe or survive. Here’s the thing: so much of what we do comes from the beliefs we carry. You might have a belief that you owe people your time and energy. You might feel that you have to take care of other people even if it costs you mentally and emotionally to do it.

If you’re resonating with these beliefs, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just pointing out that many of your beliefs may not truly be yours.

So… start with something small.

The intention behind this exercise is to free up some of your energy so you can experience your own power. Here are a few examples of small things you can let go of:

  • If you don’t enjoy grocery shopping, think about signing up for a free trial with your local delivery service. I did this once, and for six months, it cost me nothing to have my groceries delivered. It was wonderful, and it saved me two hours of time per week. At first I worried that if I wasn’t picking my own produce, I wouldn’t like the quality of what was chosen for me. I came to discover that the store saved the best quality produce for people who were getting their food delivered. I loved it!
  • Here’s a tiny change: If you don’t enjoy carrying in the mail when your arms are full, wait until you go inside and put everything down, and then get the mail.

Listen… I know, this seems so insignificant — but any change you make, no matter how small, to let go of something you don’t enjoy sends a signal to your brain that you are not a victim, and you have the power to change your life.

Are there things you’re currently doing that you can release? Are there things that need doing that someone else can do? Can you hire or outsource tasks to others? If you don’t have the money to hire helpers right now, no problem. Focus on ONE thing you can stop doing right now, and that thing can be really small. Here’s another example:

  • I used to eat food I wasn’t crazy about because it was easy to prepare. I had a belief that really delicious food was going to take a lot of effort to conjure up. One day, as I was halfway through my boring dinner, I said, “That’s it! I’m not eating this again!” And I found out that eating really tasty food could be just as effortless to prepare as the food I didn’t enjoy as much.
  • This one is really important: If you have people in your life who rely on you to help them, and helping them is costing you your sanity, do you have a belief that says that you’re a bad person if you stop? Maybe you can start by setting just one boundary. Maybe instead of talking to this person 5 times a week, it can be twice a week.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Give yourself permission to let one thing go.

If you have the belief that you are the only one who can do something right, or that you have to do something in order to survive, you’re going to feel victimized by your life. And that feeling of victimization stops the flow of abundance and joy.

Even if you don’t have supportive people in your life, you can be your best ally. 

You’re not going to want to miss Part 2 of this series here.

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