Spirit-Guide-finds2I like to go for frequent walks around my neighborhood. I don’t go far, and it’s usually the same few streets. The photo above shows some of the gifts my spirit guides have put in my path during my strolls. 

So how do I know any of these things are from my guides? Every single one of these objects appeared when I was wondering if I was on the right track in my life. The gifts became visible as soon as I felt a need for validation, and their appearance seemed to correspond with my thoughts. 

I found the little red rubber snake when I was contemplating a powerful healing I had experienced the day before. Snakes represent the shedding of things that no longer serve us. So I took it as a good sign that the healing was successful. 

I had been wondering about the success of my business when I looked down and saw the sparkly butterfly ring on the curb next to my lawn. I asked all the neighbors whether it belonged to anyone they knew, but no one recognized it. 

The glittery fairy godmother Christmas tree ornament was lying on the grass next to a part of the road with no sidewalk. I had been asking my guides to help me renew my belief in my ability to create magic and miracles. And there she was – my fairy godmother saying, “You can do it! Wave your wand, and create your miracles.”

Not in the picture are all the coins, feathers, and stones I’ve found that beckoned me to pick them up. Go for a walk today! Ask your guides for a gift, or a sign that they are really with you. 

My mother tried this recently. She told me she had been asking for a sign, but she wasn’t sure that the small objects she was finding on her walks were really all that significant. So she asked her guides for a sign that was so obvious it couldn’t be ignored. 

On the morning of her request to her guides, I had been sharing with her about a greeting card I received in the mail from a very old friend. The picture on the card was a Van Gogh painting I’d never seen before. I told Mom about it, and she looked it up online. It was called, “Undergrowth With Two Figures.” She liked it so much she saved the image to her computer desktop. 



Exactly 12 hours later, my father came upstairs carrying a large, framed poster that someone had abandoned by the dumpster next to their apartment complex. When he saw it, he wondered whether Mom would like it. Yes, it was the same Van Gogh painting! Mom hadn’t said anything to him about her conversation with me the previous day, nor did he know that she had saved the image on the computer. Now that framed poster is hanging in their home. 

Ask for a sign that your guides are near you. Ask them questions as often as you like, and notice your surroundings. They love to leave you gifts of validation, signs that they are here, and that you are not alone.

With Loving Blessings,