What’s your biggest worry? I want you to be free of it.

I want you to have freedom from jobs or relationships that don’t serve you, fear, guilt, shame, or any other human-made judgement that keeps you feeling small.

I’ve been passionate about Freedom since I found myself on the inside of a locked Kindergarten fence and envying the wildlife because it was outside the fence.

When I got older I struggled to find my way out of bad jobs and emotionally abusive relationships. The one belief that helped me get free and start carving out a life worth living, was the belief that no matter how poor I was, or how dependent on my job, or afraid to be alone, something different was possible.

I believed I deserved to be happy.

I know that you deserve to be happy, too. My team of Spirit Guides has gotten very good at helping me break away from desolate and desperate situations, even when I feel totally intimidated and scared of radical change.

But I’ve learned that change can be gentle and gradual, and even small steps can create a shift in my daily life.

When you bring me a seemingly hopeless situation, your Spirit Guides and mine are going to team up and strategize. I’m offering a Freedom Teleconference on Monday, March 14 at 7:00 PM. Bring your toughest, most confining situations, and we’ll find a solution together. Whether you feel stuck in a toxic work environment or a negative marriage, let’s see what we can do to get you feeling unstuck, and taking baby steps (or giant leaps) on the road to a joyful life. I’ll be giving you messages from your spirit guides. You can just listen in, too, if you like.

Mark your calendar, and call (605) 562-3140. Listen to the prompt, and then dial your access code: 770286. I look forward to connecting with you!

With Love,