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I’m happy you’re here! If you’re looking for loving intuitive guidance, clarity, and peace of mind, this is the place to give yourself that gift. I use my intuition and conversations with spirit guides to give you healing answers to your life’s questions.

Intuitive Readings are Helpful:

– When you want to feel supported, understood and reassured – whether you have questions about career, relationships or life purpose

– When you want to move out of fear and into a place of empowerment

– When you want to understand what’s happening in your relationships

– When you’d like to feel confident about an important decision you’re facing

– When you’re open to seeing the big picture of your life from a new, uplifting perspective


To read more, visit the testimonials page.

Jessica’s readings are always so inspiring and refreshing, and bring the clarity I’m looking for. I feel so blessed to be able to receive clear and loving messages from my spirit guides through Jessica; her enery is so calming and uplifting at the same time. Jessica is such a gift and just so amazing and genuinely caring, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and direction on their journey in a safe and supportive environment.

Neeta Hatley

Career & Lifestyle Coach

I want to thank you for not telling me “what I wanted to hear,” but pitching your reflection in a very loving and supportive manner, while maintaining the integrity of your reading. It answered the questions I had as well as opened up new lines of inquiry.

Bobbie Schmaus

I needed a life line. Having just experienced an extraordinarily tragic and traumatic event, my own connection to my heart and spirit was clouded with overwhelming grief. Jessica held a beautiful space for me to embrace my heartache and gently rise above the anguish. Her readings brought the light back into my life. Jessica was able to help me see and hear in a new way. A way that not only re-established my relationship with my own spirit guides but enhanced so I could feel them more deeply than ever before. Jessica, I am blessed to have your guidance and support.

Valerie Waymark

Waymark Coaching Solutions

What Not to Expect

– Predictions about lottery numbers or stock performance

– Definitive yes or no answers regarding other people’s decisions

– Negative or creepy info about curses or spells (any psychic who tells you that you have “dark energy” or a curse on you is a scam artist.)

– A one-sided conversation in which I do all the talking. Readings are meant to be a conversation and a collaboration. If you are extremely skeptical and want to test my intuitive ability by not saying anything during the reading, please look elsewhere for guidance.

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