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Give yourself the gift of intuitive guidance, clarity, and peace of mind


I’m happy you’re here! If you’re looking for loving intuitive guidance, clarity, and peace of mind, this is the place to give yourself that gift. I use my intuition, a lifelong love affair with tarot cards, and conversations with Spirit Guides to give you healing answers to your life’s questions.


  • If you want to feel supported, understood, and reassured – whether you have questions about career, relationships or life purpose.
  • If you want to move out of fear and into a place of empowerment.
  • If you want to understand what’s happening in your relationships.
  • If you’d like to feel confident about an important decision you’re facing. You’re open to seeing the big picture of your life from a new, uplifting perspective. 


As a child I was naturally empathic. I felt what other people were feeling around me. My extreme sensitivity made me feel vulnerable and afraid most of the time, and I wasn’t sure where or how I belonged. In my desire to feel safe and at peace with my life, I spent years looking for answers to the questions we all carry deep within, like, “Who am I, really?” “Why am I here?” “Does God exist?” “What happens after we die?”

My search for answers that resonated with my heart drew me to spiritual teachers and a path of personal growth and transformation. I came to understand that human beings are dreaming, and that the point of life is to wake up and remember who you really are — and then celebrate it!

If you’re feeling lost and unhappy, you are unknowingly participating in the collective human dream. Most likely, you’re dreaming that you’re not enough the way you are, that you’re separate from God, and that you have to change who you are or how you behave to be worthy of love. When you remember the truth of your Divinity, you’re free to create a life that reflects the knowing of yourself as perfect just the way you are.

I made it my life’s mission to wake up from the human nightmare of judgment and unworthiness, and help others do that too. But first I had to learn to trust my intuition to access spiritual guidance and my own inner voice, so I could get answers that spoke to my soul. I deepened my intuition through meditation, rigorous psychic training, and my life as an empath.

I opened my intuitive business in 2012 and I’m incredibly grateful for every moment that I’ve had the opportunity to give readings and intuitive guidance to my wonderful clients.

I meditate and connect with my spirit guides every day. I trust my own voice and guidance. But it took a long time for me to feel that way, so I know how you feel if you need support right now. We all go through moments in which we feel unsure of our direction, and we don’t know how to move forward. I’m here to help when you feel like you’ve lost your way, and you’re confused about how you feel, what you want, or what’s right for you. I can help you reconnect with your inner voice and wisdom.

I’m here for you when you start asking yourself questions like:

  • Do I go here, or there?
  • Why am I doing what I’m doing?
  • What’s keeping me stuck?
  • How do I move forward?
  • Why aren’t I happy?
  • What do I really want?

I’m here to help you remember your Divinity!


  • Predictions about lottery numbers or stock performance
  • Definitive yes or no answers regarding other people’s decisions
  • Negative or creepy info about curses or spells (any psychic who tells you that you have “dark energy” or a “curse” on you is a scam artist.)
  • A one-sided conversation in which I do all the talking. My sessions are meant to be a conversation and a collaboration. If you are extremely skeptical and want to “test” my intuitive ability by not saying anything during the reading, lest you give too much away, please look elsewhere for guidance.
The phrase that keeps coming up since my reading with Jessica is “the observations of the impartial observer.” It has been two weeks since our reading and I now see that I give up my energy looking for what is coming next instead of enjoying where I am now. Thank you, Jessica. The time spent was a blessing. Leon Martin

Jessica’s readings are always so inspiring and refreshing, and bring the clarity I’m looking for. I feel so blessed to be able to receive clear and loving messages from my Spirit Guides through Jessica; her energy is so calming and uplifting at the same time. Jessica is such a gift and just so amazing and genuinely caring, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and direction on their journey in a safe and supportive environment. Neeta Hatley

Career & Lifestyle Coach, Lifestyle Masterpiece

Hi Jessica… thank you for your wonderful session and kindly holding space for me to be vulnerable. I feel very grounded in my body and calm after talking to you. You are such an amazing gift! Jen Yang

Owner, Metamorphosis Coaching

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