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Give yourself the gift of intuitive guidance, clarity, and peace of mind


I’m happy you’re here! If you’re looking for intuitive guidance, clarity, and peace of mind, this is the place to give yourself that gift. I use my intuition, tarot cards, and conversations with your Spirit Guides to give you clarity and answers to the questions you bring.


An intuitive reading with me and your Spirit Guides is helpful when:

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  • You feel scared because life seems out of control
  • You need clarity about your relationships, career path, or life purpose
  • You want freedom from situations, jobs, or relationships that don’t serve you, but you’re not sure how to create that freedom
  • You’d like the confidence to move forward with your dreams

My goal for every reading is for you to come away feeling excited, inspired, loved, and supported by Life itself.

Receive relief from fear, tools to face the challenges in your life, and the awareness to begin loving yourself unconditionally ~ which is exactly how your guides, angels, Spirit, Love, Life, and God (or whatever words you use to describe the One Thing Here), loves you.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website. There are healing resources here, an inspiring blog, and a cat oracle, with wisdom downloaded to me telepathically by my psychic cat. 🙂

I needed a life line. Having just experienced an extraordinarily tragic and traumatic event, my own connection to my heart and spirit was clouded with overwhelming grief. Jessica held a beautiful space for me to embrace my heartache and gently rise above the anguish. Her readings brought the light back into my life. Jessica was able to help me see and hear in a new way. A way that not only re-established my relationship with my own spirit guides but enhanced so I could feel them more deeply than ever before. Jessica, I am blessed to have your guidance and support.

Valerie Waymark

Owner, Waymark Coaching Solutions

Jessica… my reading with you was nothing short of amazing! I was so confused and unsure if I was on the right path – I felt like I was constantly spinning my wheels. You immediately zoned in on what was going on with me and offered very helpful feedback from my guides. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Interestingly, in less than 24 hours after the reading something happened that was completely unexpected and in line with what we discussed. I don’t believe it was a coincidence and I have taken it as a sign of better things to come. Thank you Jessica!

Michelle Bybel

It was clear from the start that Jessica is readily tapping the ancient wisdom of the Tarot as a tool for clarity and healing. Her easy rapport with me as well as the rich window she provided into matters of my life and heritage not only brought insight but also energetic tools and practices for clearing what binds me. A deeply worthwhile reading.

Sarah McCroskey

Founder, HumanSpirit Radio Network

Jessica appeared in my life when I was at a major crossroad. She was of incredible help in encouraging me to embrace my purpose and follow my dreams, providing loving reassurance and support throughout the transition. Her readings are always so inspiring and refreshing, and bring you the clarity you are looking for. I feel so blessed to be able to receive clear and loving messages from my Spirit Guides through Jessica; her energy is so calming and uplifting at the same time. Jessica is such a gift and just so amazing and genuinely caring, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and direction on their journey in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you so much for your readings and support, Jessica; you are a true blessing.

Neeta Hatley

Business, Career & Lifestyle Coach, Lifestyle Masterpiece

You are so amazing and do such incredible and beautiful work! You have such a thoughtful, fun, and kind way in which you express your gifts and share what you are learning from communicating with Spirit, the Angels and our Guides. It is such a privilege to have this opportunity to work with you! I feel so very blessed!

Yvonne Reich Axmann

The phrase that keeps coming up since my reading with Jessica is “the observations of the impartial observer.” It has been two weeks and I now see that I give up my energy looking for what is coming next instead of enjoying where I am now. Thank you, Jessica. The time spent was a blessing.

Leon Martin

I want to thank you for not telling me “what I wanted to hear,” but pitching your reflection in a very loving and supportive manner, while maintaining the integrity of your reading. It answered the questions I had as well as opened up new lines of inquiry.

Bobbie Schmaus

Dear Jessica… Wow! At first I was unsure how an email reading would go; I prefer seeing someone face-to-face, but I have to say I’m stunned. Your reading went straight to the heart of the matter, and the validations I sought in moving forward with my life were clear, concise, and very much needed. There were things you couldn’t have known that proved to me your intuition is strong and accurate. You are definitely on my list of go-to support the next time I’m feeling a little lost. Thank you SO much!

Maria Rothenburger

Jessica’s readings have been an important part of my personal process with several intense life events. I believe she is an amazingly gifted intuitive who also possesses the gift of clear communication from the heart. Jessica has helped me clarify and articulate things that were outside of my own insight and knowledge base. But more importantly, her readings ground me in a reality where I know that we are so much more than we know and that we are loved and supported always. Thank you, Jessica, for being such a caring and loving support to me.

Randi Hardman

Hi Jessica. Thank you so much for the inspired reading. It created the space for me to see more possibilities. For a few days afterwards a number of changes fell into place.

Dorothy O'Neill

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